do we become ill? Is a disease-free life possible for humans? These questions
burdened my young inquisitive mind. A deep-seated desire to help ailing
individuals find respite combined with an intense love for scientific
experimentation and teaching ignited in me the spark to study science. I found
a convergence in Chemistry as it straddles areas in various fields such as
biology, medicine, toxicology and biochemistry. My knowledgeable lecturers
helped nurture my potentials and I can vividly recall the anticipation and
euphoria that enveloped me during my undergraduate seminar presentation on
“Nicotine and its applications.”


hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry (Second Class, Upper division)
from Imo State University, Owerri in Nigeria. I began my career teaching
secondary school Chemistry. I then went ahead to for four years as a quality
control chemist, and a PET bottle analyst both with Seven-Up bottling company
PLC (a franchisee of Seven-Up and Pepsi-Co). During this time, I and my team
were charged with various tasks ranging from participating in the design and
implementation of quality assurance policies to shelf life determination and
sensory evaluation.


laboratory where I worked oversaw water quality, flavour formulation, sugar
measurement, and soft drink parameter analysis. We also conducted various
routine tests for bacteria count, yeast and mold in the raw materials and
finished products. I have an added experience as a supervisor in the banking
sector. Although, bordering two extremes, these job roles have collectively equipped
me with a knack for problem-solving, proficiency in working with complex
technology and a unique ability to team play and pay attention to details –
skills I expect will be transferrable to my academic career.

My current research interests include:

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1.      The development of natural
preservatives for use in carbonated soft drinks and other food products.

2.      Bioanalysis and synthesis of natural

3.      Functional foods and nutraceuticals.


I have chosen to pursue my graduate studies in
Chemistry at the University of British Colombia. Canada is home to a host of
good schools. However, UBC ranks high in several respects, including but not
limited to its reputation, renown and cutting-edge facilities. Furthermore, the
unique cultural diversity, “low cost health care”, great “transit scheme” and “fewer
snowy days”1 all make it a favourable place for an international
student. I would love to work with Professors Derrin, Glen Sammis or Katherine
Ryan since their work spans the vast scope of natural product Chemistry and
drug discovery. I am confident that the results of my experiments and research
will be used to promote a healthier food and drug industry.

Conclusively, I am assured the foundation that an
international Masters in Chemistry offers will help groom me for more daunting
challenges that lie ahead and provide the much-needed impetus to set me on the
path to both academic and professional success.

1 https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-best-and-worst-things-about-UBC


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