Why is there a need for neurologists?  There is a need for neurologists because as people get older, their bodies tend to also get older, and sometimes they end up getting a brain disease, or a spinal cord dysfunction. A neurologist is a type of surgeon that specializes in how the human brain works, and in the conditions that your brain, spinal cord, nervous system, muscles, and pain. can get, and why those sections developed the disease, or problems.  As of 2015, the average salary of a neurologist was 243,105 US dollars a year, and 56.02 dollars an hour.  Most neurologists work less than 30 hours per week in 2012.  And the majority of neurologists work about 1680 hours per year.   Neurologists need to take at least twelve years of schooling just for becoming a neurologist, first, you need to have a four year undergraduate to receive a bachelor’s degree, then you will need to spend another four years in medical school, then you have to take a one year internship as a neurologist, and last, you will need to take a three year residency program.  Neurologists don’t have to have background training, but it is favored to have a neurologist with a background in medical trainings or people who have been experienced doctors.There are not any job advancements for the neurologists, because neurologists are supposed to know mostly everything about their surrounding areas that are required for becoming a neurologist. Also, neurologists hold one of the top spots for the most knowledge about medical stuff.  In the career ranking system, generally all types of physicians rank sixth on the scale.  The neurologist cannot become something other than a neurologist, because in the medical field, you have to be trained to become other professions,  like a general surgeon needs to be trained to find out where everything in the body is, and how to operate on it, and a neurologist needs to be trained about the brain, spinal cord, pain, and nervous system. Neurologists yearly salary increment is usually around 199,000 dollars a year, and most neurologists work up to around the average of 243,105 dollars a year. One benefit of being a neurologist it the pay, as i previously stated multiple times, the neurologist gets the average pay of 243,105 dollars a year, which is way more than most professions, like teaching, the average teacher gets paid a yearly salary of 46,641, through 69,144 dollars. Another benefit of being a neurologist is being able to get life insurance, and other kinds of insurance like health insurance, paid vacations, sick pay, and paid training opportunities. In some working environments, neurologists usually work sixty hour weeks so they get a lot of encouragement from their co-workers, like the doctor, or the nurse.  Out of 1239 neurology hospitals in the United States, Mayo Clinic, in Rochester Minnesota  is ranked the highest, because they have fifteen adult specialities, and nine pediatric specialities, where the second highest ranked  neurology center has fifteen adult specialities and 10 pediatric specialties.  Since neurologists are considered doctors, they retire at about the same time that all other types of doctors in the medical field. A doctor in 2012 usually retires at the age of sixty, because of the amount of time it takes for them to get their degree in neurology, but the amount of money they make in a year does make up for their late start in their career.  A neurologist is mostly a full time job, because they work normally a sixty hour week, and there are seventy-two hours in a week, leaving twelve hours for rest or free time.  Sometimes, a neurologist does get a break and has to work a normal fortyish hour week.  A neurologist isn’t a job where you would normally travel much, being a neurologist is a job that doesn’t allow you to move much, because you have all of the advanced machines that wouldn’t be very easy to carry around, and also there are machines that are extremely magnetic, like a transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), that could be attracted to the car, or someone else’s car and do damage.  Neurology does require some special training, because if you do something wrong while diagnosing someone, then you could end up hurting them.  A neurologist does have ongoing training, because there is always something to learn about the brain, and we don’t know everything about the brain.


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