Why is Wayne Douglas Gretzky the greatest Canadian one may ask? Wayne Gretzky himself is the greatest because of his hockey career, charities, as well as his personal family life. He has achieved so much as an individual person. Wayne Gretzky is known as the ‘Great One” overall and cannot just be replaced. Quote said by Wayne Gretzky-“The day I stop giving is the day I stop receiving. The day I stop learning is the day I stop growing. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”Firstly, Here is why Wayne Gretzky is the greatest Canadian because of hockey. To start off Wayne Gretzky grew hockey’s growth in the United States which got people out there to become way more interested and hockey just became so much more popular throughout the United States. (Goss 2017) Wayne played on four NHL teams, he started with Edmonton Oilers in 1979, in 1988 Wayne got traded to the Los Angeles Kings and led them to the 1993 Stanley Cup finals. Wayne then played for St.Louis Blues for two years, and after that, he ended up getting traded to the New York Rangers then retired with his last Canadian hockey game which was played in Ottawa, Ontario. (A 2017) Then we get to the awards he won plus records of his own. Wayne Gretzky has nine Heart Trophies, the heart trophy goes to the most valuable player in the league. Wayne has five Lester B. Pearson Awards, and this award goes to the most outstanding player voted by his peers/other players. Wayne has ten Art Ross Trophies, which goes to the most points in an Nhl season, which Wayne holds the record of 50 goals in 39 games, when before the record used to be 50 goals in 50 games, Wayne also holds a record of most points in a season having 215 points in one season. (Archives 2017) Wayne has accomplished into getting so many awards and setting records that to this day he will not be replaced, no matter how many individuals try. Now going into Wayne Gretzky’s retirement, Wayne retired in 1999. (Vollman 2017) He became the first player to buy pass the three years waiting period to be entered into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Waynes jersey number 99 was also retired in the year 2000, many players before did try and wear the jersey number 99 but did not accomplish that. (2018) In 1999 Edmonton’s busiest freeway was renamed Wayne Gretzky Drive, which really shows the thoughts that everyone has about Wayne, and how great he is. In 2002 reserved a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame. Lastly, Wayne was awarded Canada’s top order (order of Canada). (2018)Secondly, Wayne Gretzky and his wife Janet Jones are heavily apart of twenty charities (contributors), counting his own. Both of them together collected so much money overall. They are both very caring individuals since of course, they are apart of so many charities/fundraisers.Wayne Gretzky’s main charity is called the Wayne Gretzky Foundation/My Hero. His foundation disadvantages children to play hockey. Wayne has raised over 20 million dollars to support his charity across North America. Wayne runs a summer camp with X NHL players and put on a tournament that people can buy in to play on their teams, he has been doing this for the last fifteen years and has raised over 15 million dollars, about 1 million a year from this camp. To this day Wayne Gretzky is still doing charity work. (2018) Overall Wayne Gretzky and his wife Janet Jones together and separately have raised so much money just from their charities which is very helpful and shows how caring they both are, not just towards themselves or their family but everyone. Wayne does make money outside of his charities since he made money from his hockey career and he has endorsements that he makes money daily.Thirdly, getting into Wayne’s life in general.. we will start off with his “young life”, he grew up with three brothers and one sister, Brent, Keith, Glen, and Kim Gretzky. Both parents named Phyllis Gretzky (Mother), and Walter Gretzky (Father). The Gretzky family is very close. Wayne Douglas Gretzky date of birth is January 26, 1961, born in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Wayne was only two years old when he first started skating. Wayne spent as much time on the ice as possible, he set many goals for himself to achieve, and overall he has achieved many goals, more than Wayne expected. As Wayne became a teenager he got selected third in Ontario Major Junior Hockey League Midget Draft in 1977. (2017) Wayne’s entire life was hockey base, he then got married to Janet Jones July 16, 1988, in Edmonton. (MacWilliam) Wayne and his wife have two daughters and three sons, Pauline, Emma, Tristan, Trevor, and Ty Gretzky. (2018) They grew up in Los Angeles. “He treats me like not just a wife but his best friend, so that’s really all I need,” Janet says. “That and my kids being healthy. Other than that, I’m just trying to make everybody else happy.” (Offman 2016) Wayne and Janet have developed a remarkable family together.Overall Wayne Gretzky has accomplished so much and is such a great inspiration towards everyone. He himself is a remarkable guy. He has a great close family that is very important to have, as well as an amazing career and lifestyle. Lastly, Wayne Gretzky is the greatest NHL hockey player as much as he is the greatest Canadian!


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