Why memory storage in our brain but it

do people forget their past memories from the past time? there are many studies
about this. One of the reason was because the memory happened a long time ago
that its already fading because of time. one of the other reason is the memory
was still intact inside the memory storage in our brain but it can not restored
because there is no newer memory that is related to it.

            The psychologists, developed a
theory about forgetting short term memory and long term memory. Displacement
theory for the short term theory and Interference for the long term memory.
Because of the limited capacity of our brain it cannot hold small details all
at once inside the storage. When there is a new memory created, the old ones
will decay and replaced by the newer ones. According to Murdocks (1962) the
short term memory can fade due to being replaced by the newer ones or being
decay because of staying too long over a period of time. the two possible ways
are so hard to determine which is the best explanation.

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            In the interference theory, if you
will ask a psychologists from the later period they will say that the
interference is the only answer. It says that the long term memory can be
interfered by the other memories so it will become slowly blurred. It will
crooked the original path of one particular memory. That’s why there are
sometimes doubt when recalling a past memory from a long time ago. Because of
this the information from the original memory will become edited and not have
an assurance. There are two ways of interference that can cause forgetting. One
is proactive interference, where you can learn other informations because it
will flourish other informations that is inside your mind. Just like when
studying for an upcoming exam, you can’t study another subject until you
finished taking the other subject’s examination, because it will interfere in
your mind and will become crooked memory that you will eventually forget. The
second one is the retroactive interference. Where you will fully forgot your
memory because of your current memory. For example when you have a new phone
number, you will have to memorize it, and because you have another number, you
will not need to remember your past number. It will be forgotten because you
created a new one. That’s how forgetting works.