Why do you want moderator?: I want to be staff at EliteKits mainly because it is popular and a decent server to play on. I am not the best staff member and I still need to improve my skills and I think EliteKits would help me improve. You should accept me because I can make a difference to EliteKits. That change would be positive and good for the server. You should accept me because I am a great staff member that is mature and knows what he is doing. I would be very active on EliteKits, it would probably be the only server I go on and will mostly be moderating and probably recording for a staff series. I would be very active in TeamSpeak and I would be in Support rooms at all times or be talking to other staff members. Being staff can be a very difficult job but I think I am very mature and I have a lot of experience to have this job. It will be an amazing experience for me to staff on EliteKits. I like to help everyone in all ways possible. I love to make people happy and make new friends. I hope I can make more friends from talking to people and meeting all the staff in the future. I like to get rid of the people that really don’t care about the server, I want to make sure the server is full of the people who love the server and to make sure they have the best experience they could ever have. I like to make sure the server is doing well and like to make suggestions also. I am professional and really enjoy talking to people and helping them, all the things I can to do help the community will not have to make annoying posts about cheaters. I have the communication skills to be able to work with players and staff members in order to have a great time staffing here on EliteKits. I also really love staffing during the SOTW’s and EOTW’S the reasons being are because on SOTW there are usually a lot of X-Rayers at the time. I like to watch them and check that there not X-Raying and breaking rules. I also love to see all the people get on for SOTW and have fun on the server. On EOTW there are usually a lot of hackers trying to ruin other peoples fun and there experience on the server for this time period. When the hackers kill the players there is not much we can do apart from banning them. It just ruins the fun of the game and the hackers just end up having fun but then will get banned by the staff. I really enjoy staffing in both of those events. I love staffing in general. 


I'm Dora!

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