Why hath my dear Romeo done such a thing

He has terribly slain my poor cousin Tybalt.To make this situation even worse he did it immediately after our wedding.I thought I could trust him, but how am I supposed to trust him now, after this awful tragedy?If I hadst not given into him like I did I wouldst not be feeling like this, but still my love for him remains the same but this does not mean that I approve of his terrible behaviour.I have lied and betrayed my parents for him too, and I wouldst certainly not do this for anyone but for my Romeo I would do anything and I wouldst not want it to be any other way.Yes I know Romeo hath slain my cousin but why should I moan over this when my true love is still alive? This has only affected our trust towards each other…nothing else… Wherefore hath he done this to me?He knew it would hurt me dreadfully.Oh dear lord what will happen if mine and Romeos secret is revealed and my parents find out?They would be horrified and god forbids what might happen. Would they slay Romeo?Oh this has got me terribly afraid. If my parents are to find out I will never see daylight again and most importantly I won’t be able to see dear Romeo again!Oh I can’t let that happen…I just can’t…Truthfully, I do feel like it is my fault that I am feeling in this way.If I hadst not met Romeo, I wouldst not have fallen in love with him and he wouldst not have been my beloved husband at this moment in time.But wherefore am I thinking like this?I shouldst not be thinking like this!Anyhow, Tybalt is the lifeless one here not Romeo so wherefore am I not as sad for Tybalt as I am for Romeo?Romeos best friend Mercutio hath died too though.Poor Romeo he must be distraught.If Tybalt and Romeo were in a brawl then, Romeo may have only been trying to save himself from being slain.That’s why he killed Tybalt.After all, one of them had to take their last breath to conclude the brawl.He wouldst not do it on purpose…would he?However everyone is blaming my Romeo for this appalling event, even though it is not all his fault.Even though he did kill Tybalt, it was mainly because he was trying to save his life and because of Tybalt slaying Mercutio first.If anyone is to blame it shouldst be both of our families for starting the feud.If they weren’t holding a grudge between each other, there wouldst not have been a brawl and nobody would be left lifeless at this moment in time.Romeo isn’t the only one who should be banished; it should be both of our families.I just hope I see my true love Romeo again.If he is really banished I will never see him again, and I would have to marry who my parents have chosen for me , the atrocious county Paris and I don’t want t marry him. I do not love him I love Romeo.I want don’t Paris to play any role in my life for as long as I live.Oh dear lord how I hope he comes and see’s me, even tis for the last time.My life is not worth anything without Romeo. I just can’t not see him again; it’s too painful even thinking about it. I need him.

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