Why come together from the jumble of shots

Why do I want to go to university? It’s very simple, I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, for learning. My fascination with film making and the industries associated with it started when I was in the last year of secondary school, and I took part in the school news programme, this showed me how much power is encased in this industry. My goal would be to inspire as many people to join this amazing revolution that is media especially filmmaking and its ever changing face, inspire people to use it as a way to forge changes in areas that interest them. This is why I wish to study media at university, to enable me to inspire as many people to be themselves and pursue their dreams.In college I have been lucky enough to produce four films of my own, and helped in the production of many more.

Making these films has helped me to refine the practice of filmmaking and my own personal organisational skills including time keeping, script writing, storyboarding and overall production management. During the productions of these films, I learned how to keep a project on track even if things do not go as you planned, from people backing out to equipment not being available, I have seen my communication skill improve beyond what I could have imagined. I have not only produced films but also radio speech packages and a current project focussing on soundtrack production, out of all the projects I have completed, film production is the most enjoyable and most rewarding, when you see all the parts of the film come together from the jumble of shots to a finished product, from a single word of an idea to a script, I enjoy the rush of getting to a deadline and wondering if you’ve done enough. I am the Vice-President of the College’s Students Union, and have helped it grow from a group of three people to being a voice and bringer of change in college all in three years, in this role it is my responsibility to chair the weekly meetings and report the findings of the meetings to the President, I take great pride in helping my fellow students in whatever problems they have. With doing all of the above, you might be wondering what I do in my free time? Well it is quite simple I try to gain a greater understanding of the world around myself through reading, listening to music and podcasts. Which segways quite nicely into my hobbies which all stem from subjects I studied during my GCSE years these are history, which mainly revolves around military, social changes and the railways of Great Britain in the past 200 years.

I also have an interest in music as I can play both Piano and Violin although I do not like performing them. I am a fan of most sci-fi works including Star Trek and Uchuu Senkan Yamato, which is also a Japanese Anime and Manga series, that series is one of countless Anime shows I enjoy and take inspiration from.I hope that my passion and willingness has come through in this short snapshot, I hope that my motivations and skills are present in this snapshot of myself.


I'm Dora!

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