Who says that relationships aren’t everything ? They are actually the inner strength of a person in accentuating the value of life. Right from the day I had set my foot on a foreign soil, I knew the humungous differences and the behavioural changes that reflect in one’s demeanour which is worth noticing. A person goes through various challenges in terms of finances and relationships which is the prime focus over here. We have seen friendships fostering around us but have we noticed the real culture and identity taking a backlash?Right from the  very time I lost my friend at a very young age which created a deep sinkhole in my heart referred to the dignified truth that all humans inhabiting earth need to understand the value of relationships either in the very form of friendship or expression of it in the form of love. People have various ideas relating to their goals, dreams and every other aspect of life. The bonding that they create with one another is what makes them strong and optimistic.Life often bombards people with meticulously crafted obstacles like a wide crack in relationship, a crevice in love etc which deters the person from moving headlong or venturing into new zones of interest. People are social and hence they need to little bit more determined to take challenges way too positively than expected.The trends of dwindling interest among people and inculcating interest in technology is something very painful that the modern generation is experiencing. They are not taking practical view of life rather they are entering into that Globalised state of mind which generates more troubles and crack among human relations. People often move abroad at a very young age thinking that they can adapt well and make them accommodate to some cross cutting differences in the society but unfortunately the society is again not able to cope with those tremendous changes. I have learnt how to adapt myself but I am not still living happily because of some overlapping differences in culture, code of conduct etc.People have the choices but they can’t exercise their freedom on foreign soil because they are not the citizens of that country. Leaving home as a sign of adulthood can prove beneficial to some but in many ways its a curse.The challenges that the youngsters face when they lose something that they had eyed upon is something worth pondering over here. Losing interest in studies, losing a great job opportunity, failure in businesses, are some of the avenues which make them subtle and vulnerable to circumstances that they can’t even think of. The changes in culture stimulates them to make some changes in their daily routine and aspects too. Those people who don’t acclimatise well are the immediate losers. They lose their moral and self confidence too which in turn paves way for bigger risks in life. Brain is an aspect which many people are adopting but it is harmful in some sense or the other. That very day when I lost that best person in life, I had given up life on almost no will because whatever my mind would say I would blindly follow. Hollow from inside, people adopt strategies to overcome pain and suffering which ultimately tends to grip the weaker souls. Studying abroad and working in a foreign culture without any pre requisite knowledge kills the person from inside because he/she thinks that I am devoting my personal time on a. Wrong task that has less importance and would not be taken into consideration ever.Those random decisions taken from the past experiences just sets the wrong foot forward. People should really think about their culture and their strong imprints that they can ever make on they own tradition and culture if they were to live and prosper in the same society that they were born into. Radicalism and conservativeness of parents inches close to their child’s mind which in turns dooms their career.I really think on a broader spectrum that t more decisions people take in uncertainty the more chances are there of failing at crucial times and in the part of a journey called life. We talk about globalisation, what is it? It is just the flow of ideas and technology from one part of world to another something trapping people and making them slaves. There are a lot of troubles one faces while living away from the native cultures. The world looks like a refurbished plate serving food on a silver platter but when a person is addicted of that, he/she steps himself/herself into that very discreet zone which is hard to leave at a later point of time.A person becomes more petrified when he/she encounters a different culture and in order to to overcome that snare, he/she entangles himself/herself into relationships which bind the society or secretively brings the show downer of one’s life. Work atmosphere is way too different in various countries thus making the sustained survival different over the course of time. Challenges should be overcome with accuracy and hence people try to opt for those jobs which provide them with lucrative payment and  a perfectly drawn schedule. The untimely nature of governance make them roll up their sleeves.This dancing doll called life portrays a bitter image for those  who are way bad at predicting troubles in bonding and relationships. Futile arguments over something and frantic discussions which lead to nowhere are the primary causes of anxiety among youth on some foreign land.People from rural areas are clueless and helpless because the shift in their rhythm doesn’t allow them make movements in life. “Tiny bumps in time shape our lives, even though we spend hours trying to make long-term plans.” – (The Half Girlfriend, 2014)The paradigm shifts when one tries to adopt a foreign culture and forgets about the relationships among his peers back then when he/she was in his/her native place, making them susceptible to emotion blackmailing and chanting among others too. When a human souls becomes acrobatic, everything flips for him/her.Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” … (Alice in wonderland, 1865)People are sometimes more conscious about concealing their true identity among foreigners which make them even inferior than their counterparts. The huge differences that they face in their friendships and whilst mingling with various other people discerns them to a large extent thereby making them more vulnerable.                                          The lack of true knowledge about something make them tread on wrong path, acquire bad cultural relations and fewer relationships. There may be some overlapping similarities but there are more of prose cutting differences. In order to keep things on a smoother track, one should be optimistic and little adventurous to take up something in their and to achieve it to perfection to avoid disappointments.Its actually very tedious for a human being to keep up the pace with advanced form of surroundings that in turn give rise to a globalised culture. The digitalisation in various countries have accelerated the life of people on a global arena but still they lag behind in ethical and traditional aspect because of less time and devotion to their native culture.Who has not seen a Rolls Royce car? Its just the aspiration of the people which makes it much Royal. Similarly, the value of culture and knowledge poises an Individual to work with much much more efficiency and vigour. The true identity of a person is revealed when he/she projects herself in front of a society and works for them thereby making them realise that I am giving something back to it in any form.Many students are studying abroad right from their childhood just for a reason that they get ample time to understand the existing foreign society and gel up with the emotional, socio-cultural and physical aspects and demands of the society. The more they understand people , the more comfortable they are in the long run. Heard about the term Social Healing? Its just a very plain term used for denoting a better version of a relationship  which acquires the best part of one’s life in every respect. A more stronger relationship has the power to beat all odds and withstand higher amounts of stress and peer pressure. This relationship can attach oneself emotionally and culturally too. Be it any for, the brother-sister relation, mom -daughter relation, etc.Last but not the least, Relationships are stronger than people and that can be highlighted in its bonding with different sects of people in a country.  More stronger the relations are, the more prosperous the country would be.”Life appears to me too short to be spent in nursing  animosity or registering wrongs.” “I care for myself.- (Jane  Eyre, 1847)                                     Citation 1. Tiny bumps in time shape our lives, even though we spend hours trying to make long-term plans.” .- Half girlfriend, Chetan Bhagat, 2014- retrieved from https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/42438620-half-girlfriend         2.    “Life appears to me too short to be spent in nursing    animosity or registering wrongs.” “I care for myself.-Jane  Eyre, Charlotte Bronte, 1847 -retrieved from https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/2977639-jane-eyre         3. “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” … Alice in wonderland. Lewis Carroll- retrieved fromhttps://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/2933712-alice-in-wonderland


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