While sitting in
the class or waiting for the lunch in a line, there is a possibility to face
with bullying for students in their education life .Even you aren’t bully’s
victim, you might become a part of it such as being a witness or bystanders. If
these words didn’t mean anything to you, it is better to look up first what it
is bullying. ”It is a problem that affects all
students, the person who bully, those who are victims, and the persons who
witnesses to interpersonal violence. Bullying may include verbal and physical
assaults, threats, “jokes” or language, mockery and criticizing ,
insulting behavior and facial expressions” (Afroz & Shafqat,
2015, p.15). Also, Afroz and Shafqat (2015) claim that a child’s chance of
bullying is supported by working separately:separately:separately
or together of these insulting behavior or facial expressions.  To reduce bullying on students not enough while
just focusing on its effect. We might look up causes of bullying, too. The main
causes of bullying among students can be categorized as home environment and social

 To begin with, feeling powerless in their own
lives and bullied by someone else are causes of bullying among students in home
environment. One of main causes of bullying can be feeling powerless in their
home or family. According to, (American
SPCC, n. d., p.2), ”Sometimes the feelings of
powerlessness come from a problem at home. For kids, this might be a situation
such as excessive fighting in the home, parents getting a divorce, or a close
family member suffering from an addiction to drugs ” . For example, imagine
that a child grows up in a family which has alcohol problems or drug addiction,
as we know from people who suffer addictions have psychological problems, and
they behave aggressively or violently most of the time. Feeling under pressure
of this behaviors has different reflects on every children’s life, and bullying
can be one of them. In addition to feeling powerless, bullied by someone else
can be cause of bullying. (n. d., p.1) explains that some children have been
bullied by people who are their close relatives in assumed position of
authority. Instead of reaching out for help in
dealing with being bullied, they prefer to bully someone else to claim themselves
that they have sort of authority. To illustrate, a child who being bullied by
someone can be child’s brother bullies classmates in the school to get rid of
these bruised feelings or gain a sort of authority easier while bullying
someone else ;therefore, being bullied by someone else and feeling powerless in
home environment may lead to bullying.                    

 The second cause of bullying is that looking
for attention in social environment. According to (American SPCC, n. d., p.3), bullies
usually don’t aware of themselves as doing bully ,and it causes that complex
situation when intervene with not having a healthy communication skills, so
bullies find themselves as a lonely person. Furthermore, this loneliness causes
bullies do whatever they can to get attention. In other words, bullies don’t
have many friends, at least true friends. They want to attract all attention in
the environment to get rid of loneliness. Because of taking risk to do anything
get attention, they can bully someone, too.

Not only looking
for attention, but also a lack of understanding or empathy is the second type
causes of bullying related to social environment. According to (American SPCC, n.d., p.2), ”In some cases a
person may bully because there is an aspect of a person’s personality that they
don’t understand or don’t agree with. They may also have a prejudice against a
person’s race, religion, or sexual orientation… ” .That is to say, the other
friends’ behaviors aren’t seen as proper or right in the student’s sense due to
a student  may hasn’t have enough
understanding ability. Furthermore, these differences may cause of bullying.

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 In conclusion, bullying has been a big problem
in many schools, and there’re several causes of bullying on among students .While
feeling powerless for students in their home and bullied by close relatives are
related to causes of bullying in home environment, lack of understanding and
looking for attention are related to causes of bullying in the social
environment. Asking ourselves what’re the causes of bullying may help us to get
more awareness of about it; therefore, we have more chance to reduce or prevent
bullying at the schools.


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