Whereasliminoid is a transformation from the aspects of liminal, a bit like ritual thatis not actually performing it that way, a break from the normality or traditionto ‘play’ the experience with creative thoughts and it is experimental, butthere might not be a comparison of social status. However, there is still acommon point because both requires repeated practice in social action forperforming it. Theexperience for me can be the high school graduation, a process for a youngadult to enter the university or another level of life. Graduation ceremony isa traditional culture or ritual performance for the entire world, it will be aspecial event for the students who attend it, people who participate in thatactivity, might be their family and friends. Follow the ritual process, duringthe ceremony, all the graduates will be remained seated at the front rollswaiting for their name to be called, then go up to the stage to shake hand withthe principal and take the cylinder, graduates’ tassel will be shifted from oneside to the other by the principal representing the formal completion of study,then take special significance pictures. At the end of the ceremony, throw up thecaps and enjoy the after party. These will be a liminal, because it is a ritualperformance and process to proof you are going to be in a higher level ofeducation or life.

However, it can also be liminoid, because through thisritual ceremony there will be economic benefit for the school, for instance,the students will need to pay for the gown and the friends they invited apartfrom families to participate in the ceremony.