we talk about speaking, we can say that speaking is the delivery of language
through the mouth. When we speak, we create many sounds using many parts of our
body, including vocal chords and tract, tongue, lips, teeth, etc. Speaking is
also one of the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing.
There are two kinds of speaking: formal and informal. Formal speaking occurs in
business or academic situations, whereas informal speaking is used with family
and friends.

-Furthermore, if we want our speaking be
more effective we should be able to speak with clarity and confidence. This
will also effect on your own personality. Speaking clearly and effectively help
us to communicate ideas precisely. Whereas some aspects of effective speaking
are: accents, vocal production, the effect of breath on voice and speech

The accent is a way of pronouncing words
shared by the people of a particular country or region. When we speak about
vocal production, it means that there are three core elements that effect on
your own speaking. These are: Volume (to be heard); Clarity (to be understood);
and Variety (to add interest). Whereas, the effect of breath on voice and
speech will change when we are under stress. So, good breathing is essential
because the breath will support the voice to be stronger, it releases tension
and promotes relaxation.


-According to Cardone (2009), speaking
is one of the most critical assets of getting yourself and your ideas into the
marketplace. The more convincing and effective your speaking skills the more
effective you will be. There are seven steps to effective speaking in front of
the audience: Own the stage; Big claims; Inspire, do not preach; Bang one
message; Relate; Definitions; End with a success story or message of hope and
inspiration. By effective public speaking, we can encourage, teach, and inspire
others. We consider our speaking efficient when we have a rich, pure, and understandable
vocabulary. Learning and studying as much as more phrases is also good for our

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-According to Levelt (1989) “Talking is
one of our dearest occupations.” We spend hours a day talking, teaching,
telling stories and sometimes speaking to ourselves. Moreover, he claims that
speaking is one of our most complex linguistic, cognitive, and motor skills. It
is also a unique skill to our species.

-Furthermore, another way of effective
speaking is self-confidence. Developing confidence by doing practice or
something else is good for everyone in order to defeat  and vanish fear because Emerson said that ”
Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.”

-Moreover, most of the people use poor
grammar when they talk and some of them mispronounce most of the words. So, in
order that our speaking be more efficient, we should improve our grammar and
the pronouncing of difficult words.

-On the other hand, nonverbal
communication is also as important as verbal communication in conveying
messages, whereas effective speakers use their eyes, face, hands to deliver
their speech in the best way possible. They make eye contact with the audience
rather than focus on their notes and they use appropriate facial expressions
and sometimes gestures to reflect their conviction about their topic and to
reinforce important points (Verderber, 2012.)


-Another way to effective or successful
speaking is feedback. Moreover, when the speaker is sensitive to the audience’s
reactions, he can modify his message to achieve the best effect.

The right important conditions is also
an important factor in effective speaking (Turk, 1985).

Speaking fluently is another way of
making our speaking efficient since fluency in language means speaking easily,
reasonably quickly and without stopping or pausing. However, we should start
our speech in order to grab attention at the beginning and close it with a
dynamic end. Moreover, consisting good oratory is another priority of our

-However, becoming a good speaker is not
easy, but if we want to be a better speaker we should have in mind these
things: plan appropriately, practice, engage with the audience, pay attention
to body language, think positively, cope with your nerves, watch recordings of
your speeches, etc.

-So, on the other hand, if we want to
have an effective speaking, we need to slow down our speech, pronounce each
syllable, and practice our pronunciation and diction. We also should articulate
our words, practice our grammar, expand our vocabulary, be confident in our
speech, etc.


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