When it comes to healthy diets, you will get hundreds of advice and suggestions on foods you should avoid. At times, it feels like you have to avoid basically every sweet food item. What is much easier to work with in my opinion, is knowing the kinds of foods you should not miss and any possible alternatives for variety. Here are some suggestions to start you off this month.1. Oats They are one of the most filling foodstuff you can have with protein, fiber and sufficient muscle friendly energy to get you through the day. They are great for breakfast or a midday meal and can be made in different flavors and recipes.2. Spinach As with most green and leafy vegetables, spinach comes packed with a number of nutrients only that they have them in larger portions. They contain folate, amino acids and several vitamins which help improve your hearing, eyesight and digestive tract health. They are also great for dealing with age related sexual issues.3. Yoghurt This is a century old super food with several variants depending on taste and your need for flavor and calorie concerns. Yoghurt is rich in calcium and proteins with several other minerals and vitamins. It is a great food source for boosting your immunity, and preventing cancer cells from developing in your body. It can be taken in different varieties at any time.4. Beans All beans are packed with powerful nutrition which makes them a must have food item on a daily basis. Whether they are kidney, lima, fava or black beans, there is plenty to pick from and you can increase the options by adding peas and lentils and other legumes in the equations as alternatives. They contain anthocyanins, antioxidant compounds that are known to improve brain function. They also have great amounts of proteins and fiber and do not contain saturated fat.5. Fruits There is a wide variety of fruits out there and you should aim to have one at every meal. Depending on your condition and aims, you can mix the fruits up or favor one family more. Berries, bananas, avocadoes, apples and mangoes should feature heavily in your selection. Fruits come with numerous antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which are all essential in a number of bodily functions.A good diet is the foundation of great overall health and even fitness. It helps you avoid and prevent diseases while ensuring you gain added benefits like great skin tone and a vibrancy throughout the day.


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