sex. No Girls Allowed. Sex is not for girls. There it is plain and simple in black and white in the bluntest of terms. If the aforementioned sentence was to be reiterated in many social settings of today, the statement would receive gasps of horror and cries of indignation. In fact, many arguments will immediately be spewed forth with intense feeling behind it. Some accurate examples are as follows: “Do women not engage in sexual activity to produce offspring? ” “Are not females the generally preferred sexual partner most men desire? How then is sex not for those of the female persuasion? ” Now before the messenger of this supposedly new and strange doctrine is crucified and this humble essay tossed aside, an explanation must be forthcoming. The answer lies in the age old battle of the sexes, but when it comes to sexes getting sex the rulebooks are completely different in this battle. According to Alice Brabcov?¤, a professor of History and English studies at the University of West Bohemia in Plezn, marriage in the 17th century was not in any way a woman’s decision.

Though a good marriage was the ultimate goal of every woman in that day and age, only her parents could arrange a marriage, and of course a man. Choosing a mate based upon mere attractiveness was frowned upon instead one must choose a mate depending on her ability to run a household and produce children. From the moment they could talk, women were raised in the art of being a perfect wife. This included keeping her virginity intact. If a woman was found out to have had sexual relations before marriage she was shunned from “respectable” ompany and rejected as marriage material.

Men, on the other hand, were encouraged to “sow their oats” before marriage and even after. It was the norm for married men to have mistresses as well as many illegitimate children that he had the liberty to acknowledge or ignore. A woman however, could not afford those luxuries. She was expected to be content in what was often a loveless and sexless (after childbearing) marriage, her libido considered nonexistent. If she was found dabbling in infidelity she would be immediately divorced or turned out of her home.

This information, one might argue, is from a time of the past no longer relevant in todays society. True most of these practices are in the past, yet some still cast shadows in the minds of the progressive thinkers of today. In todays society marriage is generally based on love and mutual attraction and women (thankfully) are not required to be virgin until marriage. Though there is progress, sex is still not for women. Now again to clarify, this statement is not to be mistaken for saying women do not like or enjoy sex, but in society sex is seen as a male dominated activity.

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Temitayo Fagbenle for NPR News published an article on online ‘shaming. In this article, Fagbenle herself is an eyewitness to the shaming techniques going on in her high school. In this article she details stories of girls who had taken sexually charged pictures of themselves and sent the photos to their male interests. In turn the male partners in this sexual “crime” posted the pictures on the internet for all to see. The girls berated their fellow females in the photos for being immoral and sexually immoral. No mention was made of the male’s suffering simply because there was one.

The men in these stories most of whom had sexually explicit pictures as well were instead catapulted to popularity amongst their peers. After all sex is for boys not girls. Still skeptical? Skepticism can be eliminated when one considers something as simple and harmless as dress codes that are commonly held in most public and all private schools. Girls dressed immodestly are lectured by teachers and other authorities that to show too much skin is to tempt and distract the male students and teachers in the facility.

Amanda Marcott says it best when she says: Girls are responsible not only for their own school performance but also for the boys’. Some… may mistake this [dress code] as a form of feminism by dressing the complaint up as merely a desire to teach the girls some self-respect, but I have a different word for the notion that a woman loses her claim to respect if she shows an overt interest in sexuality: sexism. ” Women who enjoy sex or even dressing “sexy’ are constantly Judged to be without conscience or morals.

These false accusations rise to the mind automatically because we live in a society where it is okay for men to have umerous sexual partners and be praised, but a woman who does the exact same thing is Judged by a standard that dates back to the 1600s and is branded with a scarlet letter. Works Cited Brabcov?¤, Alice. “Marriage in Seventeenth-Century England: The Woman’s Story. “Http://www. phil. muni. cz/. N. p. , n. d. Web.. Fagbenle, Temitayo. “Online ‘Shaming’ A New Level Of cyberbullying For Girls. ” NPR. NPR, 07 Jan. 2013. web. 18 Feb. 2013. Marcotte, Amanda. “The XX Factor. ” The XX Factor. Slate. com, Feb. 2013. web. 18 Feb. 2013.


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