When it
comes to software installation, you won’t be able to use an installation disk
and you’re done without any faults. You can do anything with it as long as it
is written within the line of many codes within the program. All pieces of
Software come in different levels of difficulty from simple to complex,
similarly this also applies to upgrades as they can be very different from one
another. The software change could be from a minor bug change and then there
are upgrades that change how the software is run, so when running an upgrade or
an installation you should have factors already in check so you don’t come
across any hiccups though the installation. In any case you will need to be
sure you have factors checked that could affect the installation or upgrade of
software removed in order to complete them to be an optimal installation.


When making the installation the company or person
installing software must make sure that they have the correct materials in hand
like installation guides and license keys because if the person installing the
software becomes stuck for some reason they will be able to refer back to the
installation guide for help, which would help save allot of time instead of the
person searching for answers and possibly finding none. Likewise it is the same
with the license keys, if a person has successfully past all points of the
software and arrives to the product/license key entry bar to discover that they
either have an invalid key or a key that is completely for a different software
then their whole time will be pointless. That’s why it is always important to
make sure that you have the correct materials for a smooth and stress free



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The timing of the installation would be an
important factor to a company or to an individual, reason being is because the
best time for a company to do an installation is when no one is in the company
building and most of their many employees are at home with their families, this
would mean that the system will be free to be able to install a software
without over working its self or stopping employees from working. Also running
an installation when everyone is home will allow time in case anything goes wrong
which should allocate time for fixing the situation. When planning an
installation makes sure you have everything you need and there should always be
enough time for an installation which you take in consideration of every aspect
of the installation.



When it comes to holding communication between the
people within a company it is important to keep everyone reverent in the loop
informed so they also will know what is going on and when with the software
update or software installation. This will/should stop anyone informed from
using the system when it shouldn’t be touched while the software
installation/upgrade is in process; by doing you lower the risk of any
accidental usage of the system which could lead to the software not installing
or it being corrupted. When it comes to communication with the end user a
company should be able to be contacted for whatever reasons the end users’
needs to contact them for, which may be due to the end users having problems
using with the software.



backup/put Procedure plan

Sometimes after an installation has happened there
could be a few things that might happen which are changing of mind to not have
the software on the system, software didn’t install properly or software
corrupted other software files and file locations. The plan is to back out
without ruining the system and reversing any changes that happened though the
installation. On occasions software can cause a computer to malfunction,
causing the computer harm and other times you may just want to feel peace of
mind knowing that the software is completely gone. To make sure that the
computer system doesn’t become corrupted, it is essential that the use of the
saved points is in use and this is done by the system restore points which the
windows system operates. Another way of backing out is if you just want to
remove the software and the date that came or was made by you then all you
would have to do is just simply uninstall the software from the system. If you
are afraid of corruption it is best to of made a backup of the system the day
of which the installation will happen, so you don’t lose everything before the


access rights

Within an organisation people will be working in
different departments from each other and each department that have rights
access to different things. Everyone cannot be able to have access to
everything as this would be a huge flaw and a breach within the security that
may lead to a huge incident happening which may end up as employees selling
information or abuse their permissions. If only one employee were to get hacked
the hacker would have access to all files and all parts of departments which
would result in the company’s destruction in a security flaw. So it is ideal to
allocate different permissions to different departments of a company.



It is important within an organisation that all
employees should have the right training on how to use software, because if the
employees’ weren’t taught on how to use the software then the organisation will
not run properly as the software will not be used to its full potential. That
is why it is important for organisations to teach employees’ and guide them on
how to use software for its initial use. This will help productivity within the
organisation, boost sells and help the organisation to run fast, smooth and
achieve their goals. 


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