What’s going on is
everyone has got a different question paper in life. If we start copying or
following them, we will loose ourselves. Most of the times we feel out of place
by comparing ourselves with others. There is so much competition and pressure
in this digital world. We have to compete for everything. You are made to feel
worthless if you do not have high education, good job or successful career. Failures
and lack of self confidence makes us feel like we are not good enough. But there
is more to life than what most of us think. Things just don’t happen in life
when you want them to happen.

God has created
everyone different and unique. In today’s world people are so busy that they
don’t have time to realize how important they are. I think we should all take
some time, listen to your heart and know what you can do different or what
makes you different than others instead of imitating others. Instead of losing our
self to become someone else we should learn to appreatiate ourselves.

Life is full of
ups and downs. Life has many other important values. Life gives us unlimited chances,
we just need to learn from our mistakes and become a better person. Life is a
learning process. Experience helps us to learn better more than book does. I don’t
think success is determined by your age or a job that makes you rich. Neither
its about what position you achieved. Success is doing things that makes you
feel alive instead of doing things others like. Success is knowing your inner
self and doing what you are passionate about. Age is not going to make a
difference till we are passionate about something, just work hard on your own
life, and the day we stop comparing ourselves with people who are ahead or
behind there will be no problem at all, we have got one life so live it to the fullest. 


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