What French town did Van Gogh depict in Starry Night?How many hearts does an octopus have?Which famous author wrote the 1956 Moby Dick screenplay?Which continent covers four hemispheres?Which ex football player is rumored to be Khloe Kardashian’s father?What does the name of the group “Rae Sremmurd” stand for?Which TV show is Prince Harry’s fiance Meghan Markle an actress on?What are the floating plates that make up the Earth’s crust? The first known mechanical alarm clock could only be set for what time?Which tool is considered the original calculator?Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of which nation? Where was the birthplace of Democracy?Singer Ariana Grande was first famous from which Nickelodeon TV show?What is considered the catchiest pop song of all time?Which famous painter was suspected of stealing the Mona Lisa?Which animal can’t have all four feet off the ground at the same time when running?Which author was the first to publish “wicked,” meaning “cool?”How many meters a year does the Dead Sea sink?Which athlete is the great-great-great-grandson of Brigham Young? Which condiment was sold in the 1830s as medicine?What is the name of the song that was used for the viral “mannequin challenge?”How many gallons of water does it take to make an egg?What was the first computer mouse made from?If you add 1-100 consecutively (1+2+3…), what is the sum total?Which famous author died on the same day as President John F. Kennedy?Which president’s administration purposefully infected Guatemalan citizens?Who hosted the 1st Academy Awards?Which famous orchestra was scheduled to travel on the Titanic but cancelled at the last minute?What is the only piece of art that Michelangelo Buonarroti signed?Which organism has 32 brains?Which long winded author is responsible for writing the longest sentence?What is the easternmost state in the US?What was Harper Lee’s only novel published before 2014?What is the largest country in the world?Eli Manning is the quarterback for this NFL team?What color do you get when you mix yellow and blue paint?What boy band was Justin Timberlake member of?In what year was the first human embryo cloned?What is the name of the music streaming service owned by rapper Jay-Z?Which number is so long that there isn’t enough room in the universe to write it down?Rosa Parks was arrested for committing what action on a bus?What is the name George W.

Bush’s brother who ran for president in 2016?What television show fired Billy Bush for his scandalous tape with Donald Trump?What country is the entertainer Drake from?What part of Roman statues was detachable?Which animal is the first that is proven to be able to keep a rhythmic beat?What is the real name of Frankenstein?What is the name for an elevated area of land with a flat top?Tom Brady took the New England Patriots starting quarterback job from what person?What kind of dog was Spuds McKenzie from Bud Light commercials?What Houston rapper used the same artist as Hunter S. Thompson for his duet album artwork?Which cells in the body live the longest?Who was everyone’s first friend on MySpace?  What is the name for the “#” symbol?Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?What position did Michael Flynn hold in Donald Trump’s Administration?Ryan Seacrest replaced this ex-NFL player as Kelly Ripa’s co-host?What Harlem rapper left music to become a preacher?What was the only painting Vincent Van Gogh sold during his lifetime?What is a group of parrots called?”Where the Wild Things Are” was originally about which herd of animals?Which country contains the longest geographical name in the world, according to the guinness Book of Records?The NHL, NBA, and MLB have teams spanning two countries: the US and what other country?Which of these years is in the 21st century?What color are the McDonald’s famous “M” arches?Which newspaper exposed President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal?What detection system is used for finding things underwater?Adding opposite sides of a die will always equal which number?Which president facilitated the Louisiana purchase? What does the “F” stand for in “FBI?”Which character, played by Jennifer Aniston, was Ross in love with in the TV show “Friends?”What children’s rhyme is about the black death, which devastated London in the 1300s?What is the Ancient Egyptian form of writing that involves drawing pictures?Which animal has rows of teeth that replace themselves?Which playwright created A Midsummer Night’s Dream?Which US state is called The Sunshine State?How many holes are played in a standard round of golf?What is the longest standard bed size?Which shoe Company makes Michael Jordan’s iconic Air Jordan sneakers?Which planet is the third planet from the sun?What is the term for unwanted and unsolicited emails that is also the name of a canned food?What number when spelled out is the only number that’s in alphabetical order?What was the first English settlement in the US?What date was the Declaration of Independence signed?What city was Will Smith’s character the “prince” of in the long-running 1990s sitcom?Which of these men was not in the group of crooners nicknamed The Rat Pack?What material are acrylic paint brushes traditionally made from?Buffalo milk is used to make which cheese?How many books are in the New Testament in the Bible? The religious site the Dome of the Rock is located in which Middle Eastern city?Which sport was English athlete David Beckham famous for playing?Which native language is the most widely spoken in the world?What name did actor Dwayne Johnson use when he was a wrestler for the WWE?What US time zone is California in?Bill Gates is the owner of what multinational technology company?How many laps around a 400 meter running track is equal to one mile?What year did Barack Obama start his first term as President of the United States ?Steve Bannon was the political strategist for what 2016 United States Presidential candidate?What Las Vegas Hotel does Britney Spears perform her weekly shows at?What city is hip hop superstar Eminem from?What painter created the famous “American Gothic painting?What cone geyser is located in Yosemite National Park?Which children’s story — which eventually became a Disney classic —  was banned in China?What ocean did The Titanic sink in?Who is the last quarterback to win an NFL Super Bowl for The San Francisco 49ers?How many years are between each Summer Olympic games?What is J.K.

Rowling’s real middle name?How many kidneys are humans born with?What does HD stand for on televisions?Which of these phrases represents 1/100 of a second?What year was The Statue of Liberty given to the United States?Who was the Vice President for President George W. Bush?What was the name of Mario Lopez’s character on the TV show “Saved by The Bell?”What rock band did Jay-Z record a collaborative album with?What year was the painting Starry Night created by Vincent van Gogh?How many miles long is the Colorado River?Who hand copied Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” seven times?What is the capital city of Texas?In which city did UFC fighter Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fight?What is the name of the weight lifting gym on Venice Beach Boardwalk?What HBO Comedy special was created by Def Jam recordings co-founder Russell Simmons?How many nanoseconds are there in a second?