What is Political Conflict?

A political conflict can be
explained as a desire to control and lead a country between different political
actors. This may include the presence of the civil society, the army, the
multinational company, or the neighboring countries.


A political party may arise from
the fact that the party in power or the one governing has failed to respond to
their obligation toward the citizens of the country from where they have been


Generally, when we talk about a
political conflict we refer to :

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A coup

destitution by referundum

A motion of
no confidence



























Types of Conflict



The essential thing is to define the
political evolutions The inter and intra-state conflicts are two different
subjects, let us begin by defining the intra-State conflict then the interstate


Intra state


This conflict can be explained as the conflict withing a country
through the political party in power and the group army that expect to
overthrow the power. This is called a coup d’etat.


Inter state conflict


This conflict is between a neighboring countries in which the fight
consist of destabilizing one power in place in order to support another political
system which is considered to be more transparent and open to international
trade agreement.
































Concequence of the
conflict :



The consequences of the conflict
is generally the aftermath of the desire to take the control of the country and
to be more open to new partners. But this consequences is devastating toward
the people of the country. This may include :



The economy

The regional

The death of the

The migration of
the population

The decrease of
the investment flow by multinational company

The increase of
physical and moral disesase
































Role of the NGOs



The role of NGO’s refers to managing the aftermath of a conflict
in the country. Many techniques are possible to manage this situation. First
the NGOs have to work in partnership with some international organizations such
as the RED CROSS, the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, the international organization
for migration, and finally the United nations in order to put at ease both of
the beligerents to stop the conflict, and to prioritize the citizens affected
by the conflict.



The NGO’s play a key role in the conflict because they help
children to get back to school, they offer the necessary support to the people
suffering from different kind of disease, and finally the generate funds to
support the communities in their economical and financial activities.






















The expected results and what has
been achieved so far.


The peacebuilding activities are
activities that the United Nations has been conducting in recent years for the
maintenance of peace and which can also help to end the conflict. short-term
violence. it is also likely to lead to lasting peace if it is not accompanied
by strategies to prevent the resumption of conflict.


organizations” (O.N.G.) fit perfectly into the typology of institutions
seeking to establish a state of peace. They are not as recent as their current
name might be, because these NGOs are in fact a continuation of the
“works” and “charitable institutions” that the Western
world has always maintained.


They are now assimilated to
institutions in the sense used here, because they are unavoidable in the
resolution of conflicts, and incite the state power to action by lobbying and
alarming public opinion.





















Conclusion :


We have seen
what the conflict can bring to a country and some of the aftermath that
innocent people have paid because of the selfish of a group of politicians or
soldiers inspiring and totally wanted to take control of the country for their
own interest without the consultation of the opposition parties, the civil
society, and the citizens of the country.



So, to avoid
or to limit this kind of practice, it is essential and necessary for the dark
power to stop supporting those people inspiring to take the power by violence. This
is against the international law, and with the trust and support of the united
nations and other organization, it is possible for the politicians to put down
their ego and to work together for the interest of everybody in oder to develop
the country and to ensure a better future for the future generation. 


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