What scenes about child abuse, neglect, sexual abuse,

 What is child abuse? How did it start? How can child abuse be stopped in many homes? What are some signs of child abuse? Why do people abuse children? What happens when a child is abused? What are the resources to stop child abuse? Well in this research paper I will be talking about child abuse and other additional information that you might be useful to you. I will also be talking about how child abuse connects to the novel called Forged by Fire. Forged by Fire is a novel that have scenes about child abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, child abandonment, domestic violence. etc., but anyways we are going to focus on child abuse.          What is Child Abuse?     Child abuse is physical molestation of a child. Child abuse can be anything that has to do with touching a child or a child of yours in an inappropriate way. For example, in the novel, Forged by Fire a guy named Jordan Sparks claims to be Angel’s father and not Gerald’s son. He is very abusive to Angel, like when he said that he wanted to play a “game”,but was actually sexually assaulted her in her bedroom (Draper). Another event that occurred in the novel, Forged by Fire, due to child abuse is when Jordan was beating Gerald up in the fire in chapter 23 (Draper). This evidence explains how molesting happens to children. People abuse children because of alcohol and drugs. For example, in the novel, Forged by Fire, Jordan comes back home from drinking and when Gerald hear noises he figured it out that it was Jordan was making the noises and Jordan started harassing Angel and Gerald found it upsetting so he fought Jordan back (Draper). Child abuse can also be stopped. Child abuse can be stopped by contacting a police or sue the person who is abusing the child. For example, in the novel Forged by Fire, Mr.Washington and Gerald sues Jordan and when the day they went to the court the prosecutor ask Angel to describe or show where Jordan abused her with a doll to show the body parts Jordan touched her (Draper). Some resources that are available is moral support so it doesn’t happen. The evidence I provided is to notify you if something that happens to another child you should do something. I personally think that child abuse is just a way to get you into trouble and suffer from the consequences.What is Child Endangerment and Child Abandonment?     Child Endangerment is an act when you put a child in danger such as, giving information about them to other people, and can cause mental illness. Child Abandonment is when you put a child in risk of danger that can lead to, isolation, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and even psychological damage to the the child. For example, in the novel, Forged by Fire when Gerald was three years old his neglectful, abusive mother Monique left Gerald home unattended (Draper). Later on, when Gerald went to his mother’s room and was playing with the cigarette lighter that Monique uses to do drugs that lead to Gerald starting a fire with the lighter while he was all alone hiding behind the couch unattended and comforted which also lead to Monique sentenced to jail for ten years for Child Abandonment and Child Endangerment (Draper). This evidence from the novel explains how Child Abandonment and Endangerment can lead into real life consequences.The Statistics of Ohio     The statistics will provide you with information about reported child abuse in Ohio. Ohio’s state population is 11,570,808 (CWLA). One report of child abuse is in 2013, Ohio reports that there were 166,583 total reports due to child abuse and neglect (CWLA).  For example, in the novel, Forged by Fire the two main characters Gerald and Angel were also referred to being abused and was taking place in Ohio (Draper). This textual evidence from the story states that abuse happens more often in Ohio due to the statistics and also Sharon M. Draper chose Ohio as her setting in the book, Forged by Fire. Ohio also states that “80,472 reports were referred for investigation.”(CWLA). My opinion on this is upsetting because I think that so many children in Ohio should not go through this phase. I am also very curious why there was so many children were being abused in Ohio.What happens when Children are abused?     After children suffer from abuse some people are very curious what happens after they are abused. What happens when children are abused they feel very hurt and unsecured. For example, in the novel, Forged by Fire, Angel says that she always felt “cold and dead inside” after she is abused. After a child is abused they can also feel ill. The textual evidence explained shows how children express themselves through emotion and physicality. In conclusion, that child abuse is a way of destroying or wrecking a child’s life.