“What is truth?” perhaps it is worth inquiring
the meaning behind it and what it truly means, since truth is very likely the
most important concept in all of philosophy, logic, religion, science and even
everyday life. After all, if a philosophy or religion or logical argument or
scientific theory isn’t true, what good is it? Why do we need a framework for
how to act? This can be answered through many ways, for example if there wasn’t
just one way to act, everyone would do anything they wanted to do and
everything could get out of hand.  We
need a complete justice system and laws to manage the people. Without them,
everything that is illegal, will turn out legal and literally all hell in the
sense will break loose. Maybe in a utopian society, wrong is right vice versa
right is wrong, but as we know today wrong is wrong compared to the statement
of right is right under certain circumstances. From what I understand from this
question and from the world we live in today, the moral framework of rules and
regulations keep the citizens safe from the world, but more importantly keeps
the citizens safe from themselves. This kind of protection of such framework
seeks to protect and defend the rights of the people or the things it governs.

what I understand, we can only give up our perspective of the truth by the
experiences and circumstances that we are put in every minute of every day of
our lives. Truth is only true in the eyes of the beholder. Suppose you examine a banana and determine
that it’s yellow, sweet, smooth and easily melted in your mouth. You might think
this is what the banana is, put
another way, you’ve made claims
about the banana and seemingly made statements about real properties of the banana. Now let’s suppose
your friend is color blind, knowing that that both of you do not know that it
is so, and when he looks at the banana, he says that the banana is a dull brown
color.  He then makes a statement about
the color of the banana but it’s different than your claim. What color is the
banana, why does it has so much meaning behind it? Well, if you think about it,
you might respond “that’s an easy one”. In actuality you come to the conclusion
that the banana is yellow because we’ve agreed that your friend has an
irregularity in his vision and even though we may not know he has it, the fact
that he does means his view of reality is improper or incorrect. But now let’s
suppose everyone is color blind and we all see “yellow” shaded banana
as brown? We can make this objection even stronger by asking how we know that
we all aren’t in fact color blind in a way we don’t understand and bananas really
aren’t yellow after all. No one has access to the “real” color of the banana.
Again, the response might be that that this is a knowledge problem, not a truth
problem. The banana really is yellow but we all believe it’s brown. But notice
that the truth of the banana’s color has little role to play in what we
believe. No one knows what the truth is and so it plays no role in our

the question “Is there really objective truth or is everything subjective?”
Many people would say that there is no such thing as objective truth due to everything
a person goes through is based on feelings and experiences they go through. I
believe that truth becomes objective when feelings are taken out of the
equation, but everything in this world we live in, we understand that feelings
can cloud our judgement and reason, that’s why I feel that truth is very much
subjective. As humans our personal perspectives are the only thing that we have
access to. Without it, our perspective of what is good vs bad will be altered. In
other words, there is nothing that we call “real” that is not in some human’s
perspective, because for example I can say to someone “Oh look there’s a monster
in my closet” but only I would see the monster, but to someone else the monster
wouldn’t be there and they would respond “You’re just imagining things”.

the real question is who we to really answer the question of what is real or
fake in the world? Even through science everything cannot be proven. For example:
Are aliens real? Is there really an Area 51? But to prove the bigger questions
of is there really a God? If so why would he or she put people of this world
through a great tragedy like being diagnosed with cancer? If there is something
such as truth to what is real and what isn’t, who are we to say? If there was
another way to explain this, which there are many, can we really get beyond our
own way of thinking or even get beyond our own perspective of the truth? In
order to get over our own way of thinking, is to walk a mile in someone else
shoes. The first step in understanding others, is by first understanding that
person from a different perspective other than our own. For example from the
novel by Mark Twain, The Prince and the Pauper exemplifies exactly that.
Within the novel it tells of two boys who are identical in appearance, the
pauper lives a horrid life but askes the question of what is out true or
misleading, while the prince lives a wonderful life but a depressing one,
masked by riches. They both switch places and lives the life of the other. This
is a great example of how to understand people by walking around in the others
shoes. Therefore, from what I understand truth as, truth cannot be objective,
but merely both objective and subjective.

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Does human life have a meaning? If so, what is that
meaning? Arguably one of the greatest psychological assets of
the religious tradition is to provide exactly this grand idea, with the
apparent intention of assuring us that our lives do indeed have meaning. These questions
can be given more of an understanding through religion and the big questions of
life can be answered through different teachings of religion. As this quote by Wittgenstein, Tractatus
Logico-Philosophicus mentions “We
feel that even when all
possible scientific
questions have been answered, the problems of life remain completely untouched.
Of course there are then no questions left, and this itself is the answer… The
solution of the problem of life is seen in the vanishing of the problem. (Is
not this the reason why those who have found after a long period of doubt that
the meaning of life became clear to them have been unable to say what
constituted that meaning?)” This quote makes the readers understand that the
unanswered questions still are meant to be answered due to the confusion of why
things the way they are and has the knowledge to answer the question that
mankind has. 


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