What does the word
“home” for you? Maybe for someone this is the place where you are
surrounded by your favorite people, relatives, mom and dad, brothers and
sisters. Perhaps for someone, this is the place where after a hard day you will
come and be able to relax and unwind. Perhaps, this is the place where your
beloved person waiting for you and you are willing to give everything for him,
or maybe the house is all of this together.

For any person the
concept of “home” means much more than the interpretation in the
massive modern dictionaries or Wikipedia. It is not only home to eat, sleep,
take a shower and watch TV. But still everyone puts in a word a special
meaning. I’ll try to explain what a true home for me personally.

For me, home is the
place where I can feel happy and free. For me, home is the place where the person you
love, no matter the situation will help you and support. Beyond that,
the house is a place where you will never be forgotten.

The home is a
place of expression. Each house bears the imprint of the personality of its
inhabitants. The house is an accurate impression of the soul master. The
appearance of the house, prevailing in its atmosphere, you can determine what
kind of people live in it, what kind of character they possess. Once in the apartment or house to a new friend, we can
know him better than a few hours, and even days of communication: what colors
he likes, what things are in plain sight, how he spends time, how important
cleanliness, comfort, privacy, silence for this person.

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At home, we can be
ourselves and not be afraid of anyone, to feel safe, protected. House — this is not the place, this feeling. The one that
comes when you come back, sniffing the smell of muffins, sit down and wait
until your mom can bring freshly baked cake; or when you Wake up early in the
morning, woken up by sun rays that Shine directly on your pillow, arm in arm
with your loved one and think, get up right now or can barely lie down. Worth
to cross the threshold of the house, and the soul always becomes easier.

Our home is a huge
world. He invites us on a journey, and we can choose which direction to move:
to go into yourself, explore your family history and kinship, and maybe, to
realize our dreams.


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