what hr manager and department do today ?


companies perform informal salary surveys to see what other companies in
the same areas ae paying for the similar positions and use these results for
awarding annual merit increases , also termed as cost of living adjustments .

(bandag attomative survey jim bandag )

hr manger is responsible for hiring the best candidates available from the
pool of available candidates. also hire people who can work together and have
diverse interest rather than being lone wolves.

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companies assure linking compensation with performance . individual
performance can be measured through a system called participative performance
enabler(PPE) like the performance management system. divisional performance can
be measured through balanced scorecard. ( for eg :-angelo’s pizza, angelo

in the service industry and companies HR manager makes sure of the
superior  guest services to expand
geographically. for this they adopt the prctices like ‘high quality front-desk
customer service’.

HR manager decides to institute practices to improve the
disciplinary,fairness and justice in the comoany, with the aim improving
employee morale. ( eg :- google)

HR professional should dig deep into their organisatio’s business so they
understand how the company make money. what their competitors are doing, the
kind of technology they use and many other things. SINCLAR (HR head) said
” aa deep understanding of business is crucial for HR  to be effective as a strategic patner”.

the role of HR in company culture and employee engagement :- Jhon Bersin,
the founder of and HR research and advisory organisation, wrote in forbes that
companies now realize they must compete for the best workers not only based on
their professional career and economic success, but on their company culture.
when emploee engagement and company culture become a key focus for business, it
iis often the role of HR to taken on this new mission.

highest productivity and job satisfaction can only be obtained when the
employee/workforce have trust in the organisatiion and they feel important and
belonged. so it is the duty of HR managers to 
take more initatves to improve the securit level of the emloyees.

apart from trainig and development,benefits such as paternity leave,
unlimited sick leave etc. are designed and provded by the HR department.

remuneration and compensation basis such that they promote personal growth
and encourage research on innovation

better job enrichmentprograms for employees,so that they become more
accountable for their esults and more esilient in terms of shifting.

many HR mangers and departments ensures best human resource paning ollowed
by extensive training, feedback system,career development planning,job
rotation, ensuring best appraisa system,etc.

most compaies HR departmental practices include methods to produce new
services (initiate) capitalize on the opportunities ( adapt), and offer
conistently high-quality services (deliver)

HR depatments tie up with the business schools and institutions and entres
into agreement for leadership training.

hr department carries out training and communication programs in order to
ensure that all the employees understand the goals and strategies of the

HR managers ensure extensive ongoing education and management development
for the employees to be able to evolve with the changes by continuously lerning
along with the work routine.

























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