What is an Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of computerized machines and their ability to think and behave like humans, in contrast to the natural intelligence and behavior of the human beings and other species. These tasks can range from controlling of driverless cars, drones, speech recognition and translation into various languages, visual perception, decision making etc.  

In simple terms, when a computer program can perform those tasks which we normally think will require human intelligence is considered as an artificial intelligence.  

Nowadays, discussion about the significance of artificial intelligence in human life has gained momentum, and an unending debate has also been started among various AI researchers that whether an AI will prove to be a blessing or a curse for human beings in near future?

According to a survey conducted by the researchers of Oxford University in the UK, artificial intelligence based computer systems could outperform humans within forty five years, and all human jobs will be automated in next 120 years. On the contrary, according to a study published in the journal Science last month, some researchers came to a conclusion that artificial intelligence based computer systems will unlikely to replace humans in all jobs.

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Here’re certain pros and cons of artificial intelligence:-

Pros of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Ø  Quicker actions: Using artificial intelligence can help make decisions faster than human beings and carry out quicker actions.

Ø  Ability to take the risk: AI-based systems are free from emotions and can think logically, so they can perform better than human beings in situations where a need arises to quickly assess the possible risks and take right decisions. For example – oil exploration, medical diagnosis, demand forecasting etc.

Ø  Fair decisions: Using artificial intelligence based systems can help humans in making impartial or unprejudiced decisions.

Ø  Mundane jobs: One of the most significant benefits of AI-based machines is that they can perform every repetitive, boring or monotonous task with same efficiency and accuracy, without getting bored, unlike humans. AI can perform monotonous tasks’ ideally.

Ø  Consistent high performance: An artificial intelligence based machines can deliver consistently high performance, as unlike humans, machines do not require frequent breaks to remain efficient. They can work continuously without any distraction or tiredness.  

Ø  Avoiding mistakes: With the use of AI systems, ‘human errors’ can be avoided as machines, usually, do not make mistakes and improves the accuracy of data, if programmed properly.

Ø  Helpful in healthcare: Artificial intelligence has proved itself to be a blessing for the medical profession, as doctors examine patients and assess their health risks through AI machines. For example – AI is broadly used in radiosurgery, which is helpful in operating tumors without much damage to surrounding tissues.


Cons of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Ø  Unemployment: If AI machines will replace human hands, it would result in increased rate of unemployment. Also, people without work can lead to destructive activities or can lose their creativity and become lazy.

Ø  Higher operational costs: Many industries still keeps a distance from replacing their manpower with AI machines due to higher operating costs associated with them.

Ø  Security concerns: AI machines will be prone to a potential threat of cyber-attacks. For example – a hacker can attack an artificial intelligence machine programmed to be used in a surgery etc.

Ø  Ethical concerns: AI machines are unable to solve unknown unique ethical or moral concerns like humans do, although AI professionals continue to work on fixing ethical codes for them.

Ø  Lack of human touch: As humans are emotional and sensitive by nature. They can feel, hear, think, and their thoughts are tailored by feelings, in contrast, AI machines completely lacks in such inherent intelligence of human brain.    

Nowadays, in India also artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining momentum at a rapid pace. As a result, the Indian Government in its Economic Survey 2017-18, which was tabled in the Parliament by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on January 29, 2018, said that, India has the potential to be a global leader if it makes the right investments now in the technologies of the future including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain.

The Economic Survey also suggested a mission-driven approach that could have a huge impact on Indian society and growth. It calls a greater focus and investment on R&D in science and technology.


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