This case is a e mail conversation between Jane ; new manager in Technico and her ex officio colleague Rick. After joining in new office, Jane is little bit passive, and is trying to understand her group and organization. She understands – Support staffs are not upto standards -Group performance is average -Andy, who supposedly good performer, is very much aggressive than assertive and narcissistic. Due to his faulty interpersonal communication, over all organization environments, performance and morale are affecting badly.

As a new manager Jane should first establish a core value, attitude and behavior (especially professional dignity and respect) for all staffs. She should guide her team members on developing assertiveness and conflict management strategies. Caroline,s healer attitude is also responsible for Andy nastiness. Jane should not fall in same trap. Here Jane is the leader, so she needs to sit with Andy to explain him that his aggressiveness is a big problem for organization culture and morale.

So his attitudes are needed to be change. In the meantime Jane should inform her senior to the organization ( it’s not good to inform other organization official like Rick about own organization!!!!! ). So if Jane wants not to confront Andy, they can communicate with Andy. Overall target should be try to change Andy, if failed send him away from office for 2-3 month for any other project and training. So when he come back in office, he will see, organization is working better in his absence also.

Its may act as behaviouristic therapy. No one is inevitable in this world,no one is genious, we all are mediocore trying to excel. So even after this if Andy does not adapt to become assertiveness, Jane should keep away or sack Andy. Jane also needs to change her passive nature as a leader. She should be proactive. She should not suffer from delusion of grandeur, as expressed comparing her job with “kindergarten teacher”.

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She should have stop Andy, when Andy prevents Jack to express his opinion in ‘Brainstroming’ session. Lastly Jane should stop sending email to Rick. She can take help of internal superiors, who knows Andy for long time. So, I will suggest establishing a core value, attitude and behavior of the whole organization, a good interpersonal communication ,which may nurture the best performance of the whole group in a healthy atmosphere.


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