Western Australia

When we first arrived in Western Australia, I sensed a whole new world and environment. It seemed kind of foreign to me, as I was used to the busy streets of Melbourne. It seemed as though I had just arrived in Africa. Along the dusty sand I witnessed a one legged man hitting his dog with his crutches, my two children were beside themselves with laughter when the man eventually fell over. To keep my children alert of the sun I told them a few white lies about a disease called “boiling brain. ” It was a huge success as their nai?? ve little minds could not comprehend that I was trying to keep them out of the sun.

My sun hard a hard time at school during the first few days as he was wearing sandals. The school children and the teacher were not used to seeing people wearing shoes to school and used it as an opportunity to poke fun at my poor sun. I still persisted with making him wear the sandals as a safety precaution. The people in Western Australia are different from Melbourne. The amount of dark skinned people is a lot higher over in the West. Here people don’t need to lock their doors unlike in Melbourne. That’s a positive out of the move I suppose.

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After a while I had adjusted well to the move. The hot temperature seemed normal to me now and my family seemed to be very happy and settled. I was now happy to call the West home. I love the prospect of a new life, a chance to spread the marvellous news about Dunlop and our top notch quality brand of rubber. Just thinking of this prospect makes my mouth water. Dunlop objects are displayed right throughout our household. I am proud to be apart of the Dunlop family. Every year I buy my son Robert a pair of Dunlop bumpers for Christmas in which he is very excited to receive.

I love seeing the proud look on his face Christmas morning when he is thrilled to see the top notch quality shoes in which my team of Dunlop workers have produced. Being high up in the Dunlop family has its perks. I get to host plenty of celebrities and sports stars who use Dunlop products such as tennis players and race car drivers. The hot weather over here in the west is something I find will be easy to adjust to. As long as I have my job with the Dunlop Company and sales are high, there are no complaints from my part of the shift. My family seems to be warming up to the idea of Western Australia being our new home.

The kids seem to be enjoying themselves and the wife seems more accustomed to the place. I cannot wait to see where Dunlop takes me and my family down the track. At the moment life could not get any sweeter. As long as I have my job with Dunlop and sales are excelling, I couldn’t be any happier with the new choice of home. This place seems really strange compared to our old home in Melbourne. I heard mum say that we have just moved to Africa. When we arrived at our new home I saw a one legged man hitting his dog with his crutches. I had never seen a man with one leg before.

I thought it was really funny when he fell over but mum wasn’t so impressed to see me laughing at him, nor was the one legged man. When I started at school mum made me wear sandals a sight in which the native West Australians were not accustomed to. They were really mean to me the teacher as well, but mum still made me wear the stupid sandals. Mum told me about boiling brain, and what happens when you spend too much time out here in the sun. I don’t want to die so I’m going to be extra careful and not spend too much time out in the sun. Every year Dad buys me a stupid pair of Dunlop bumpers for Christmas.

Sometimes I feel as though he loves the Dunlop Company more than me. Everything he lives for and talks about is Dunlop, Dunlop and Dunlop. I’m starting to really enjoy the new lifestyle in Western Australia. I love the hot weather and the sandy beaches. I love that it is quieter out here than it was in Melbourne. And I love that I can spend most of my days in the cool refreshing ocean, something in which I could not do often in Melbourne. The most exciting part about dad working with the Dunlop Company is the exciting people we get to meet.

Meeting celebrities and sports stars is one of the privileges in which I receive as being the son of Mr. Dunlop. Maybe being the son of my father isn’t that bad after all. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for me out here in the West. I think moving over here was the best choice in which my family has ever made. In years to come I hope that I can achieve my goal of being a writer for a real newspaper. It’s good that mum has finally warmed to the idea of Western Australia being our new home. As long as my family are happy so am I.