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We shall meet in the place where there is no darknessIt was the year 1949 when a fictional british novel by the name 1984 was released . Its author George Orwell was an influential man whose work is admired by many people across the globe.1984 is a portrayal of an extreme case of what it’s like to live under a tyrannical government , It’s run by Big Brother and it takes place in fictional Oceania , where having different thoughts or daring to question the reality of things is considered a crime , a very specific kind of crime called “thought crime”.No one knows who Big Brother is , if it’s just one person or a group or even if it’s real. But what they do know is the Big Brother is always watching them , always lurking to see who’s good and who’s bad .

In 1984 the lead character Winston Smith starts questioning the accuracy of historical events, he remembers them clearly but he can’t find any book that confirms his memory , which leads him to write about them in his own personal diary. He was nervous at first considering the harsh consequences that could come if he was caught with a diary that clashed with the narrative of Big Brother. So it was best to keep it a secret and not share it with even the most trustworthy.I won’t go into the details of the novel or the ending because I’m afraid I will spoil it for you but I will say that what intrigued me the most about it was the extreme depiction of a tyranny , for instance , the news could say that Oceania is at war with Eurasia and Eastasia is on Oceania’s side , and the next day the total opposite is said and they would pretend it has been always this way and would rewrite past events to confirm their false claims . No one dared to question them , afraid of what will happen if they do .

So why not just agree and nod then risking their life? Though 1984 is a fictional novel I am afraid that it could become a reality if we don’t allow different opinions and beliefs to be discussed and debated , which is why I think it’s an astonishing book a must read for everyone because it shows you the horrors of suppressing thoughts and ideas and reminds you of the importance of free speech and why it should be cherished .Not all thoughts are equal , but every thought is entitled to be expressed.


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