We live in a point in time where we are surrounded by technology, it is everywhere we go and is a part of most things we do. It is something that is forever advancing and evolving as time proceeds, and I have always been inspired to mature and develop my understanding of everything that is going on around me. To be a part of this progression and development, to make a difference is one of my main ambitions and therefore, I would love to study your engineering course.Having started out studying Chemistry, Physics, and Product design at AS-Levels, I decided to take a more direct, hands-on approach and to study an BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma engineering course which has a foundation which is built of different types of engineering, including the segment I was most fascinated in, electrical and electronic principles. Studying product design at AS-level has also given me more of an understanding and has helped me tremendously on the design side of the course. As I have thoroughly enjoyed the mathematics and the physics included throughout this engineering course, I have aspiration to find a course which includes these subjects, a course that involves me to think more logically and requires problem solving through examining and evaluating patterns and pieces of data as I find this challenging yet really interesting and enjoyable to do. Therefore, in my opinion, I think that this Electrical Engineering course will be most appropriate for myself.During my time secondary school, I did a 2-week work placement at Coventry Power Steering Specialists, and during this experience, it gave me an insight into the world of work and what workers were facing on a daily basis. Whilst I was there I was treated like any employee and was working as a team, being reliant on one another, as well as taking on tasks and working on my own initiative as I was a quick learner and trusted to do the job to a high standard and this was necessary to meet the customer’s needs. I then went back during the summer holidays and these interactions and experiences developed my skills even further and allowed me to understand how important communication and working as a team is in order for a company to be successful. Other than attending school and college, I spend my time playing sports to keep fit and in shape. This also helps me to relax more as it also refreshes my mind. I have always been a great fan of football I have been playing for the last 7-8 years and was the captain of my team for three consecutive seasons which lead to multiple promotions to higher leagues. Having played football for so long, it has played an important aspect to my life as I developed many skills such as leadership and communication skills. I also participated in the Duke of Edinburgh expeditions which also helped me to develop my skills even more as I was doing volunteering work by helping out and coaching a group of children at a different age group. I found this experience very valuable as this also help me develop my communication skills and made me a more confident and ambitious individual.I know that studying and Engineering will be tremendously challenging and is a very demanding course, however with the correct and positive mind-set. I feel like this course you are offering will open several doors for me which will lead me into the correct direction and will allow me to enhance my knowledge for a future profession in engineering and help me to accomplish my goals. Not only that, this is an opportunity that will allow me to develop more as a person too, to be more independent and will allow me to gain many more invaluable skills as well as becoming a more organised and confident individual. Should I get the offer from your university, I would make every effort to ensure that I am achieving to a high standard and have full commitment throughout my studies there.


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