We out my fellow members of society to

We all want to be remembered and felt to have contributed
something to the world. This can be a driving force that leads individuals to
great accomplishments and extraordinary contributions to mankind. I would
consider legacy as “putting your stamp” on the future so that you are
remembered. I believe legacy as a path taken by someone who is navigated by the
action, personal beliefs, and behavior. In the future, I hope to do the same. I
want my legacies to be held in my family’s history. While I am unsure where my
future will take me, or where I will drive my future, I do know that whatever I
am working on will lead me to become a pioneer.  As a pioneer, I can leave
behind a positive legacy for others to remember. I want to be a person who
leads by example and is a good role model for others to follow. I believe that
if I follow my aspirations then I would be remembered as a pioneer to establish
a known legacy.

            I consider that
if I can utilize my strengths, qualities, and basic interests, I can contribute
to the society in entirety. As my aim to take up Biomedical Engineering as my
major, I want to focus on the enhancement of new technology to help people with
efficient diagnosis and early warning systems. I want to work with doctors,
therapists, and researchers to develop equipment, and devices to solve major
clinical problems. As we are approaching the future, people get sick each day
and many problems arise within human beings. These problems can be related to
the neuroscience of brain, or to cardiology. I want to help out my fellow
members of society to stay healthy and fit. Not only I want to work with
doctors, I want to travel and acquaint to actual situations, in other
countries, so that I can work with people and expose myself to new
possibilities in biomedical solutions for the welfare of the community. The
best way to learn about other people, and figure out how to help them, is to
listen. As listening to others is my inherent trait, it would allow me to reach
out to others with different backgrounds or opinions, which would allow me to
expand, and build perspective. I want to show others how I could achieve what I

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I do not know if becoming a biomedical engineer would be the best
choice for me or not, but I always want to be honest with myself. I want to be
a pioneer in my career but also in life. I want to go on plenty of adventures,
eat good food, and experience the world with the people I love most, while also
doing my part to make the world a better place. I know this would not be easy,
but I have always had a good balance between my commitment to work, and to
life. In the end, I want to stand up as the first woman in a long line of men
with an amazing story to tell.