We if they want to stay up later.

We all have experienced the same situation, you are doing something, it may be working or playing games. Then your parents say “It’s time to go to bed.” Instead of this happening, teenagers should choose their own bedtimes because it builds responsibility, reduces stress on them and aren’t teenagers already controlled enough? Bedtimes are a controversial subject between teenagers and their parents. The parents always want their kids to get lots of sleep by going to bed early, but instead they should let the teenagers go to bed when they want, if they stay up too late then they will suffer the consequences of being tired. Gradually they will become more responsible with this freedom and will eventually find a time to go to bed that is good for them. And they will always be able to change their bedtime depending on what they have to do or if they want to stay up later. Another reason of why parents should let their teenagers choose their own bedtime is that it will result in less stress. This is because the teenagers will have more time in the day to complete work, do activities. They will not be rushed to finish homework or assignments because they can keep working on it without a set time. Also it gives them time to socialize with friends, play with them and to just ultimately result in them feeling better and not being stressed or rushed to complete things. The final reason parents should let their teenagers not have a set bedtime is a teenagers life is already controlled enough. Having to complete homework on time, assignments, extra curricular activities and chores. Having no set time to go to bed would give them a little more freedom in their life and would give them more free time to do things they like and to have fun and hang out with friends more. Letting teenagers set their own bedtime would grant them more freedom and would benefit them in more ways than bad. Why don’t you give them a chance to have that extra bit of freedom!