We read in chapter 6 that God gave Isaiah a vision that opened his spiritual eyes which resulted in him becoming the great prophet he was. The vision contains two simple elements: first Isaiah heard God’s plea and second Isaiah responded in the mist of God’s plea, his heart was challenged to go and share God’s message that he received. The plea that Isaiah was given was to go and preach about God’s redeeming love and his beautiful gift of forgiveness. Isaiah receiving the message from God saw this as being a huge privilege hearing God’s mighty voice and seeing Him would was humbling but also very nerve racking. I don’t think I could have been in Isaiah’s shoes; I would be like God please don’t choose me to preach your message, but Isaiah cared so much about the well-being of Judah that he answered by saying “Here am I send me.” (Isaiah 6:8 KJV). Isaiah is an amazing book of the Bible because we learn some things about God’s character. We see that God is independent, He doesn’t require instruction or teaching, He is just, He does not let sin go past without it being dealt with. Sin deserves punishment and that is what He gives His people, and last, He is a God that always keeps His promises no matter what He will never ever brake it. This is seen when He said that He will send a savior into the world that will die and take our punishment away and to come and give us an eternal home with Him as long as we do our part which is to repent, and believe that He is the only way into heaven. The book of Isaiah for sure does paint a beautiful picture of the many characteristic’s that God contains. As we read and study the book of Isaiah we can apply many things into our personal lives today. For instance, God desires no sacrifices from people who practice oppression and injustice (Isaiah 1-11-17), God will humble those who trust in themselves rather than in Him (Isaiah 2:11), don’t trust human power apart from God (Isaiah 2:22). The reason we no longer need to sacrifice an animal on a burning altar or present any other sacrifices to God to atone for our sins is because of what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross, and we also need to remember that God doesn’t like when we are practicing evil and not being just when we come to Him for forgiveness we need to come to Him with a heart that is sorrowful and ready to confess. Then we are told in the Bible that pride goth before a fall so God will deal with those who are prideful and hard hearted He delights when we look at ourselves and humble ourselves before Himself. We are nothing when we think we know more than God so we as humans need to remember to stay humbled no matter what we face in life. Lastly when we are studying or reading something we need to always ask ourselves if it is exactly speaking the truth if we aren’t sure when should always look at scripture and compare it to that because we know for sure that the Bible is completely true so I can’t stress this enough beware of false teachers because they want to make you believe something they know that will make you doubt your faith so keep yourselves in the Word of God. 


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