The weapons of the 1300’s were very deadly and brutal than the weapons of the modern world, like Greek fire. Greek fire was a gasoline that was poured onto and when ignited it could easily set many naval ships a blaze. The soldiers sometimes even carried grenades, or even used elephants in the warfare (

The exploding weapons of the 1300’s ere very effective but played a minor roll in warfare. The Greek fire was a very useful weapon to the navies. The Greek fire was a type of primitive gasoline that was poured on the water and ignited when an enemy ship was near by. The ship would burn and sink very easily since all the ships during the 1300’s were made of wood. Another type of gasoline was

called Naphtha. Naphtha was used to scare enemy troops away. Soldiers would pour the gasoline onto their clothing, ignite themselves, and run into an enemy camp on horseback. The camp would think the devil was after them and the entire camp would get scared and run away. The bad thing was this trick did not always work (

Gunpowder was also a very effective explosive device. At first gunpowder was mainly used to start quick fires to enemy camps and to send signals to other soldiers. Then the Chinese developed gunpowder that could be used grenades and cannons. The grenades were a lot like today’s grenades. The were small pots filled with the Chinese powder that were thrown by hand or means of catapults. The cannons were so strong they could easily tear through almost anything. They still didn’t play a very large roll in warfare (

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The hand held weapons were the ones that usually played the largest roll in war. All the hand to hand combat made the sword one of the most popular weapons of the 1300’s. Through most of the 1300’s the sword was almost always the same, straight double edged weapons. It wasn’t till the late 1300’s the curved swords were introduced. One example of the curved sword is the Flamberge. This sword was a highly unusual sword. The blade of the sword was waved and the wave effect was said to make the sword more stylish but more importantly more deadly (

Even tough the sword was more popular than almost any weapon the Flail was a lot more powerful and more deadly. The Flail was a heavy spiked ball attached to a metal or wooden handle by a chain. This weapon was so powerful it could penetrate through almost any armor. The only bad thing about this weapon was only very skilled horseback riders because the direction of the flails spinning, the momentum of the horse, and they had to be a good enough aim to hit the enemy that was at least three feet shorter than you and the horse (

So the riders had to use an easier weapon to use in warfare. The weapon the riders used was the horseman’s ax. This weapon was similar to the foot soldiers ax but for a few exceptions. The horseman’s ax had a normal blade on one side and on the other side was a trailing spike. Now the riders had a choice of cutting or penetrate the enemy’s armor. The horseman’s ax was also much lighter and smaller than the foot soldiers ax. Another weapon the riders could use was the war hammer. The hammer did not have the choices like the horseman’s ax but it still had a very powerful crushing hammer head ( Then the horseback riders used the lance for charging (http://www.classicalfencing,com/mcweaponslance.shtml).

The bow and arrow was one of the most effective killing weapons of the 1300’s because the arrow could be shot long distances and in mass numbers. The bow and arrow was mostly used by the poor because they were simple and easy to make ( Even though the archers were hardly ever on horse back the Turks trained their soldiers how to ride and shoot backwards. So when in battle they could trick the enemy into thinking that they were retreating, but then turn around and fire at them while they still were retreating. This technique was really a game previously. Riders would ride past a target , turn around, and try to hit the target. Another game that is connected to the battle field is a game were how every shoot the arrow the farthest wins. It did not matter were the arrow landed, just how far it goes. Some highly skilled archers could shoot over a half a mile. Archers were made their bow stronger just to be able to shoot it far.


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