War causes destruction for soldiers and their loved ones. War has many significant impacts on soldiers as they experience horrific events that alter their mindsets. In the novel “Three Day Road” the author, Joseph Boyden, demonstrates the negative influence of war and how it can transform an individual completely. The two Cree snipers, Elijah and Xavier, experience drastic changes in their lifestyle as they go through physical and spiritual changes.Throughout the war, Elijah completely transforms for the worst. Firstly, he is changes mentally as he forgets leaves his cultural beliefs behind and tries his best to fit in. Elijah’s obsession of killing turns him into an emotionless killing machine and, Before he leaves a corpse, Elijah tells me that he has taken to opening each man’s eyes and staring into them, then closing them with his calloused right hand, letting a strange spark of warmth accumulate deep in his gut each time that he does it, noting the colour of the iris, knowing that he, Elijah, is the last thing that each will see before being placed into the cold mud and water here (Boyden, 200).The war severely effects Elijah, he is a first nation and has been taught to avoid killing, but he disregards his culture because he wants to fit in with the English soldiers. Elijah has examines his victims to prove to himself that he is an excellent sniper, this shows that killing is all that Elijah thinks about. Elijah forget that he is only suppose to kill when he has to, he does it whenever and has gotten out of control to prove himself. Lastly, Elijah begins to misuse morphine which starts to affect him physically. He begins to lose himself as he is unable to resist the urge of morphine. Xavier says, “When he’s gone too long without the medicine, he tells me, he becomes fragile and headaches cause him so much pain that death seems like a good alternative” (212). Elijah is unstable when he cannot inject the morphine in himself, it is clear that his addiction to the drug changes him physically because he starts to feel pain without it. The effects of morphine cause Elijah to become a killing machine, he does not realize the damage that he is causing as the drug has taken the best of him. Elijah thinks death seems like a better alternative compared to a life without morphine.Xavier also changes physically and spiritually due to the war. Although Xavier is determined to prevent spiritual change in himself, he ends up going against his culture which transforms him mentally. After Elijah turns into a reckless killing machine, Xavier  knew that he must put an end to his best friend before his condition worsens. As Xavier is strandling Elijah he says, How long have I stayed here, straddling my friend, staring down as my tears leave streaks in the dirt and blood of his dead face? Finally, I sit back and grasp my knees, rock slowly as the shells scream in and explode all around me. My friend lies still, arms stretched out from his body as if he welcomes the sky(370).Xavier has never been comfortable with killing since the beginning of the war as he always tries to avoid it, but he was not able to this time. Xavier has no choice but to kill his best friend Elijah. Xavier forces himself to go against his culture and his beliefs of killing. Secondly, Xavier changes physically as he is fighting in the battle. He is a excellent sniper one of the best, but at the end of the war he gets injured and the nurse tells him, “it was too badly damaged…the doctors had to amputate it” (373). Xavier is told he lost his leg. This changes him physically as he only left with one leg, he is still young and has so much time left in his live this impacts him a lot as he wont be able to to do many activities as his friends.In conclusion war can completely transform an individual. Elijah and Xavier, experience changes in their lifestyle as they go through physical and spiritual changes, such as abuse of morphine, going against their beliefs and becoming something their not. War causes massive destruction  to those who fight and kill in them, there is no positive effect on going to war.


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