Want to feel more energized and healthy? Consider veganism; veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practical, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose (“Veganism.” Veganism – Definitions, Wanda Embar, 2008, veganpeace.com). Many people go vegan to help their immune systems become stronger so they become less susceptible to many disease and cancers Even famous athletes are vegan, such as Venus and Serena Williams, so that they can be more energized and alert. There are so many benefits to going vegan that aren’t just to help animals from lowering risks of contracting diseases and cancers to increasing energy levels. Going vegan lowers the risk of contracting diseases compared to are normal omnivorous/ carnivorous diet which can cause cardiovascular diseases, type two diabetes, prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and many other harmful diseases ( “57 Health Benefits of Going Vegan.” NursingDegree.net, July 2008,nursingdegree.net). So many people notice a significant difference in their health and immune system once they switch to veganism. Vegans seem to have stronger immune system compared to those who consume meat, who are more susceptible to everyday illnesses such as the flu ( “Eating for Your Health.” PETA, peta.org). Hippies, Tree huggers, Hipster; there are many names people give those who are vegan or vegetarian. Society tends to stereotype those who live cruelty free or on a strict plant-based diet and claim it’s “too much work.” Because of this, many don’t try or consider veganism. Being a vegan is relatively simple by making meal plans, finding recipes online, or going to the frozen section in the grocery store. It isn’t hard finding plant-based proteins, there are high amounts of protein in beans, nuts, peas, lentils, and soy based products (Craig, Winston J. “Health effects of vegan diets1,2,3.” The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1 May 2009, ajcn.nutrition.org/content/89/5/1627S.full.). There are even fake meats, cheeses, butter, and milk. These products are made by strictly vegan brands such as Daiya, Almond Breeze, and Earth Balance. There are many helpful companies and websites to help get started. Many athletes are vegan simply because it’s much healthier than a strictly meat based diet. When eating a meat based diet you get only .01% of the 10% of energy that can be obtained by eating plants. Athletes want to be up and alert when playing their sport, so they want to obtain as much energy possible. It has been proven that going vegan can reduce the amount of saturated fats consumed which helps keep athletes in shape. Vegans often have higher levels of potassium which lowers risks of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The reason why plants contain more energy than meat because they live off of the sun’s energy to help them grow. There is an energy pyramid that shows eating a plant-based diet gives the consumer 10% of the 100% energy that plants receive and when eating meat, such as cows, only .01% of energy is obtained. By eating meat only .01-1% of the energy is gained versus eating plants which the consumer obtains 10% of the energy. There isn’t much room to lose energy when eating plants (  “Is it More Energy Efficient to Be Vegetarian?” Is it More Energy Efficient to Be Vegetarian?, Kathryn Senior PhD, 22 Sept. 2017, energysavingsecrets.co.uk).   The typical american diet not only consists of too much food, it also relies on too much of unnecessary food products or harmful toxins which can be found in the meat and processed food we consume on a daily bases.( “57 Health Benefits of Going Vegan.” NursingDegree.net, July 2008,nursingdegree.net). The meat industry is crawling with rats, feces, urine, and bacteria which a lot of the time is not properly dealt with and can end up on the meat we consume. This can cause Mad Cow disease which is a non-treatable disease that can result in death if meat isn’t cooked all the way and the meat can be crawling with E-coli and Salmonella. Eating meat is also causing harmful bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics. This is due to the amount of antibiotics given to livestock to prevent them from becoming ill ( “57 Health Benefits of Going Vegan.” NursingDegree.net, July 2008,nursingdegree.net). Wonder what could be the cause of acne? One cause can be the hormones in the milk and meat you consume, the reason being is the meat industry gives animals antibiotics and hormones to speed up the growth, production, and to stay healthy. Consuming large amounts of these products can disrupt the natural balance in the human body which can cause not only acne but can cause men to grow breast tissue. (Craig, Winston J. “Health effects of vegan diets1,2,3.” The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1 May 2009, ajcn.nutrition.org/content/89/5/1627S.full.). This isn’t always the case but it is one of the leading causes next to puberty. Consuming meat can cause many health issues, poor athletic performance and hormonal imbalances. Going vegan isn’t easy but the benefits are worth it. With a plant-based diet it can and will boost energy levels and improve your immune system while also decreasing your chances of getting cancer and other deadly disease. Becoming a vegan does more than keep your body clean of toxins and more energized, it also has a huge impact on the environment. Veganism keeps you and the environment healthy. 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