Brief  History, 
Corporate  Philosophy  and 
Business  Strategy

1.    Brief

 number  one

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It  all  started
 in  1982  with  the  establishment
 of  the  “Racal  Strategic
 Radio Ltd”  a  subsidiary
 of  Racal  Electronics
 plc,  UK’s  biggest
 creator  of  military
radio  technology.  It  was  the  22nd
 of  March  in
 1984  when  Racal  publically announced  the  change  of  the
 corporate  name  from
 Racal  Electronics  Plc  to  Vodafone.

         Step  number 

After  negotiations ,  Vodafone  was  officially
 launched  in  January  1985  under
the  name  Racal – Vodafone  (Holdings)  Ltd  with
 the  company’s  1st  office located  in  Newbury
 of  Berkshire.

 number  3

In  December  1986 ,  Racal
 Electronics  issued  shares
 to  minority  of shareholders  of Vodafone  which  totals  in  GB110
 million  pounds  and  Racal
split  from  Racal  Telecom
 in  1991.

 number  4

In  July  1996  Vodafone
 acquired  the  remained
 2/3  of  Talkland
 and  in November  of  the  same  year
 Vodafone  bought  People’s
 phone  for  77  million pounds.  Additionally 
Vodafone  acquired  the  remaining  80%  of  Astec Communications.

 number 5

 In  June
 1999  Vodafone  purchased  Air  Touch
 Communications  Inc  changing
its  name  to  Vodafone  Airtouch  Inc  and
 in  September  of  1999
 it  settled  to merge  its  US  wireless  assets  with
 Bell  Atlantic  Corp  and
 formed  Verizon Wireless.  The  merging  was  completed
 in  2000  and  in  July  of
 2000  the corporation  changed  its  name  to Vodafone  Group  Inc.

 number  6

In  2001 the  company  acquired  Eircell –  Irelands  largest  wireless communications  company  –  and  thus  the
 company  renamed  as  Vodafone

Step  number 

In  2007,  Vodafone
 joined  a  title
 sponsorship  with  McLaren Formula  1  team,
and  changed  to  Vodafone  McLaren  Mercedes

number 8

In  May  of  2011  Vodafone  Group  Plc  purchased  remaining  shares  of
Vodafone  Essar  from  Essar  Group  for  5  billion  pounds.

 number  8

In  April  of
 2012  Vodafone  announced  it  sought
 to  acquire  Cable  and Wireless Worldwide  (CWW)  for
 1,04  billion  pounds.  In  June
 Cable  and Wireless  shareholders  voted  in  favour  of
 Vodafone’s  proposal.

 number  9

In  June  2013  Vodafone  bought  the
 German  Cable  Company,
 Kabel Deutschland  which  was
at  7, 7  billion  Euros.  In  September
 Vodafone announced  they  were  selling  its  45%
 stake  in  Verizon
 Wireless  to  Verizon Communications  for  130
 billion $  making  it  one  of  the  biggest  deals  in
corporate  history.


 Philosophy  and  Vision

According  to  highnames.com,  the  “F”
 in  Vodafone  word  which
 should  be written with  –ph  (phone)  is  an  example  of  how  risky  decisions  could  become successful.  In  1997
 Vodafone  introduced  the  current
  speechmark  logo. The
 Os  in  the  Vodafone  logotype  are  opening
 quotation  marks,  implying  conversation.

The  Vodafone  Chief  Executive
 Vittorio  Colao  characteristically  says  “The beliefs,  aspirations  and  concerns
 of  our  diverse
 stakeholders  shape  our performance  as  much
 as  business  decision.  Everyone  we  deal
 with  –  our
customers,  shareholders,  partners,  suppliers  etc,  rightly
 expects  everyone  at Vodafone  to  act  responsibly  and  with  integrity
 at  all  times.
 Financial  results alone  are  not
 enough  (…)  Overlooking
 that  expectation  would  risk
undermining  our  prospects 
for  long  –  term  value  creation”


    Vodafone is
considered as one of the most well-known telecommunication company around the
world. It took its name from three words: Voice,
Data and Phone. It
made the first ever mobile call in the UK on 1 January 1985. It is important to
be mentioned that more than 400 million customers around the world use the
Vodafone network.

    In 30 years,
this small mobile operator in Newbury has managed to be developed into a global
business and one of the most valuable brands in the world. Nowadays, it
operates in around 30 countries and cooperates with networks in over 50 more.

   Vodafone:  A ” can  – do”  approach
 that  makes  life
 easier  for  customers.


 Transformational  Solutions

The  mobile 
technology  is  all 
about  improving  livelihoods 
and  life  quality 
globally. They  are  exploring 
commercial  opportunities  where 
their  products  and 
serviced  can bring  further 
benefits  to  society

 Responsibly  and  Ethically


Operating  responsibly 
is  essential  to 
Vodafone  in  operating 
terms. This  kind  of behaviour, 
gifts  the  company 
with  commercial  advantages 
in  regards  to 
business. “By  acting 
with  honesty  and 
integrity  we  can 
secure  the  trust 
of  our  costumers which  is 
integral  to  the 
long-term  success  of  the  business”

Vodafone  Corporate 
walks  on  the 
path of  three  ideas.

1.    Flexibility

2.    The
Vodafone Way

3.    Diversity

When  it 
comes  to  Flexibility, 
Vodafone  wishes  to 
create  flexible  programs 
for  all  its customers 
regardless  of  their 
financial  status  and 
working  hours.  It 
is  an  innovating path which  allows 
Vodafone  to  cover 
a  broad  range 
of  costumers.


   In addition,
Vodafone tries to find innovative ways in order to satisfy the needs in the
business section. It is known that businesses need to share documents,
conference videos and access to corporate applications from any location. So
Vodafone has created a few smart phones for voice and email on the move, which
enables customers to communicate in a simple and straightforward way.

   Vodafone’s commitment
to the community in which it operates extends beyond the offer of the products
and services. The cornerstone of its contribution to global social investment
is the Vodafone Group Foundation. Funded by annual contributions from the
Vodafone Group, the Foundation and its network of 27 country foundations
supports the community involvement activities of Vodafone and funds selected
global initiatives directly.

   Vodafone tries
to improve its quality. In 1999, it enabled the world’s first international
mobile roaming call. In 2002, it launched “Vodafone Live!” which provided mobile
communications with internet access on the move. After that, it developed “Vodafone
Money Transfer” that allows customers in emerging markets to send and receive
money safely and easily using their mobile phone. It is significant to be
illustrated that Vodafone offers the most affordable ultra low cost handset
which is called “Vodafone-150”

Finally,Vodafone Group presents a significant presence in Europe, the
Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific through the Company’s subsidiary
undertakings, joint ventures, associated undertakings and investments.


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