All around the world, discrimination of a certain race occurs. Harper Lees’ novel to kill a mockingbird shows the prejudice in Maycomb, which is revealed by the outsiders. Due to the differences of people in the community, victims are victimized. Also people who choose to be different are victimized from other people due to prejudice. Also, the victims of racial prejudice are treated differently than others. The reality is finally revealed when the Outsiders are judged due to prejudice. Everyone is different, but due to the differences and prejudice, people are desecrated.

Since Calpurnia is different, she is victimized by Aunt Alexandra. Aunt Alexandra tries to get Calpurnia fired by Atticus. She does this because she thinks Calpurnia is not a good person. “You’ve got to do something about her…And don’t try to get around it. You’ve got to face it sooner or later and it might as well be tonight. We don’t need her now” (Lee 136). Aunt Alexandra believes Calpurnia is not a good person because she is a different colour. Thus she is considered an outsider. Calpurnia is a victim of prejudice actions.

This shows the reality of Maycomb of how outsiders, who are innocent people, can be victims for being different. Not only are adults victims, but so are children. Scout is victimized by Miss Caroline for being different. Scout is considered an outsider because Miss. Caroline believes Scout is different, and does not belong with the other students for being more intelligent. Scout knows more than the average child because her father reads to her every day. Scout has become fairly good at reading and is singled out because of it. “Now you tell your father not to teach you any more.

It’s best to begin reading with a fresh mind. You tell him I’ll take over from here and try to undo the damage” (17) Scout is different from everyone else; she is more intelligent than the average student. Due to this, Miss Caroline believes Scout is different, and tells her not to do the one thing she truly loves. This incident shows the reality of outsiders. Since one person is different, they are singed out. This shows the truth of Maycomb, of how people are judged for being different. Not only are individuals victims of prejudice, but also a whole gender.

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Women are victimized when they are treated differently from men. Women are not allowed to do the same things as men can do, and become outsiders when they are considered to be different. They are wrongfully judged as the men have low expectations of them. “[she] can’t serve on a jury because she is a woman…it’s to protect our frail ladies from sordid cases like Toms” (221). In this case, women are victims of judgment. They are being judged in not being good enough as men. Women are considered to be outsiders because they do not belong with the men, and are looked upon differently from the average man.

It is prejudice that is exposed when girls are forbidden to do certain things because of there gender. Not only are the people who are different victimized of misjudgement, but also people who choose to be different. People who choose to be different reveal the reality when they are victimized of prejudice. The citizens of Maycomb believe Mr. D. Raymond is an alcoholic which is the reason to why he is married to a black woman. However, they are only rumours. He is seen as an outsider because he is different. “I try to give’ em a reason, you see.

It helps folks if they can latch onto a reason. When I come to town, which is seldom, if I weave a little and drink out of this sack, folks can say Dolphus Raymond’s in the clutches of whiskey-that’s why he wont change his ways. He can’t help himself, that’s why he lives the way he does” (200). Dolphus Raymond allows the rumours to be said because people would not understand him even if he told them the truth. The other citizens are racist and judge people for being different. Mr. Raymond is considered to be different because of his different life style.

Dolphus Raymond reveals the reality of Maycomb, as people judge one and another based on their life styles. Dolphus Raymond is not the only one who lets rumours be said about them because knowing others will not understand. Boo is another person who lets rumours be said about him, because knowing people will not understand the truth. Boo is an outsider because he is a social outcast and people judge him based on the rumours they hear. “ I think I’m beginning to understand why Boo Radleys stayed shut up in the house all this time…its because he wants to stay inside”(227).

Boo does not want to come out because of all the prejudice in the town of Maycomb. He allows the rumours of him being monstrous to be spread about him, because he knows no one will understand the truth. He stays inside to avoid the prejudice and conflict in the town. However since he stays inside, people judge him and believe the rumours are true. This shows the prejudice reality of Maycomb, and how people are willing to do far things to avoid the prejudice in Maycomb. Likewise, it shows the judgmental truth of how people are in Maycomb.

In addition, Scout dresses the way she wants to dress and is judged because of it. Your more like Atticus than your mother… you want to grow up to be a lady, don’t you? ”(79). In Uncle Jacks eyes his niece is different. She is more of a tomboy then a young lady. In this case, Scout is an outsider because in Uncle Jack’s eyes she is different than the average girl and judges her. This makes her victim of judgment and prejudice. Uncle Jack’s judgment of Scout, shows the reality that even family can be prejudice towards each other. Nevertheless, prejudice in Maycomb is revolved around racism and judgment. Racial prejudice is all around Maycomb.

The citizens of Maycomb are racist to one and another on a daily basis. Each race is suppose to stay with their own race, likewise, talk like their own race. However, Calpurnia brings the children to her separated black church. The children notice that she talks differently then she does at home. “Suppose you and Scout talked coloured-folks talk at home it’d be out of place, wouldn’t it? Now what if I talked white-folks talk at church, and with my neighbours’? They’d think I was puttin’ on airs to beat Moses” (126). The two races have their own way of talking.

Calpurnia speaks both, which confuses the children, as you can not talk coloured to white and white to coloured. If you do, people will judge you due to their difference. These two races expose the reality of racial prejudice. Identically, black people are also segregated as they have their own personal seats in courts. “Black people surged upstairs…The coloured balcony ran along three walls of the courtroom like a second-story veranda” (164). The coloured folks are separated from the rest as they are given a farther seat from the court. The coloured people are outsiders as they are treated differently and looked down on.

Since they are coloured, they get the worst seat while the white people get the upfront seats. The coloured are victims or racial prejudice. This shows the reality of racial prejudice as the outsiders are segregated from the others. Not only are coloured people segregated in Maycomb, but the whites as well. Calpurnia brings the children to her black church, and because the children are different they are treated differently. They are outsiders and are victims or racial prejudice. “You ain’t got no business bringin’ white chillun here-they got their church, we got our’n.

It is our church, ain’t it, Miss Cal? ”(119). Lula, a black woman, does not allow the children to come to her church because of their colour. In her eyes the children are different and outsiders. Lula shows Maycomb reality as she speaks on behalf of other racist persons that each race stays with their own race. These people show the reality of Maycomb, and its racial prejudice towards each other. The town of Maycomb is filled with outsiders, who reveal the reality of prejudice. The town of Maycomb is a town divided into groups, where each group is judged and been victims of prejudice.

The prejudice in the community causes people to be victimized because of their differences. Calpurnia is a victim of Alexandra, as she is judged before even knowing each other. Scout is a victim from Ms. Caroline, as she orders Scout to be like every one else. In general, women are victims of men, as they can not do the same things as the men do because they are not allowed. These victims are victims or prejudice as they are unfairly treated. They are outsiders, and reveal the prejudice truth. Not only are people who are born different victimized, but also the people who choose to be different.

Dolphus Raymond, Boo and Scout choose to be different. However because they choose to be different people think things of them in a negative way, which shows the reality of antipathy. Racial prejudice is all around Maycomb, as people are daily victims or racism. Black and whites are considered to be different. They are separated from each other because they are different, and both are treated unfairly differently. Its situations like the ones in the book that can reveal the true reality of the evil in the world. The reality is finally revealed when people are victimized of prejudice.


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