Verizon Communications

Verizon Communications being a worldwide head for providing broadband services along with other wireless and wireline interactions services to individual customers, businesses, government institutions and wholesale consumers. Apart from it, Verizon is furthermore providing converged communications, entertainment and information facilities in United States of America’s superior fiber-optic network and delivers inventive, flawless industry solutions to clients throughout the globe. It was established through the amalgamation of Bell Atlantic Corp. nd GTE Corp.

So, to continue and advance its steps, Verizon also acquired many other companies to become America’s best tele-communications provider. There were many strategy actions taken by Verizon Communications which shows that the company is capable of crafting good strategy. So, among them the big decision was taken in 2006 to acquire MCI Inc. Later after few years, in 2010 the company launched World’s largest 4G LTE Wireless Network which showed that Verizon is capable of crafting good strategy.

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Last year, Verizon again decided to acquire Terremark to accelerate its cloud technology. To bring the advantages of converged communications, entertainment and information internally in America and throughout the world and a move to strengthen its own talent, Verizon acquired MCI forming a new business unit named Verizon Business to turn into a foremost provider of highly developed communications and information technology solutions to medium businesses, big businesses and government clients globally.

So, this action to acquire MCI Inc, has benefited the organization structure a lot because they have got greatly experienced and skilled strength of sales and service professionals arranged in thousands of organizations throughout the globe. Verizon holds and control an end-to-end, global IP network across in excess of 100,000 miles.

Hence, this action has become a good fit for the company and has build a high performance company culture as Verizon contain the panel in position to strike the ground operating and propose Verizon Business clients superior worth from the first day as committed to customers carry the main highly developed business communications solutions and most excellent client understanding accessible in present market.

In the year 2010, Verizon Wireless launched its 4G LTE (Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution) Mobile Broadband network which was and is still the fastest and most advanced 4G network in the United States of America. The launch was in 38 main city locations which covered more than half of all Americans and in additional 60 commercial airports. Moreover, personal computer consumers gained standard information throughput speeds of up to 10 times quicker through the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network as in comparison of the company’s 3G network. Buffering became non-existent.

So, the action to develop competencies and capabilities internally by expanding from 3G network to 4G LTE network benefited the organization structure as 4G LTE takes the company to become the global leader in 4G LTE deployments. Apart from this, it transformed other industries like Health Care, Financial Services, Public Safety, Construction, Manufacturing and Transportation. Hence, 4G LTE network led to build high performance company culture as Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network was acknowledged to be the Fastest 4G Network up till now by Popular Science magazine in the gadgets grouping of 2011 Best of What’s New Awards.

Verizon in the first quarter of 2011 acquired Terremark, an international supplier of managed IT infrastructure and cloud services to increase its own “everything-as-a-service” cloud plan by giving a dominant collection of extremely safe, measureable on-demand solutions to big businesses and government clients internationally with the combined project IT platform and exclusive business cloud assistance which controls the combined power of business.

Due to the acquisition of Terremark, the company’s organizational structure benefitted a lot as they gained many customers of Terremark in the red hot cloud competing market as the network element and the computing element were moving closer. Hence, as a result of merger, it helped to build high performance company culture as the stakeholders i. e. the customers of both Terremark and Verizon be able to take benefit of both firm’s unreserved global data center footprint.

The consumers of Verizon are able to knock into the other company’s Network Access Point (NAP) centres in Culpepper, Santa Clara, Miami, and Va. , Calif. The company’s services in the U. S. and Europe and its information centre assets in Latin America together with the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Colombia. At the present, the customers of Terremark have right to use Verizon information centres throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific and ofcourse the North America.