The consumption of meat in human nutrition is something that is going on for hundred of years since the first people were settle on earth. However, the last decades a large number of people has rejected to follow the traditional food nutrition by selecting to be vegetarian. Both proponents of these contrary views have a variety of strong arguments to support their attitude and food behavior. I tend to agree with the former group of people due to many reasons. It is generally known that since the stone epoch humans used to hunt animals for food.

Since then humanity has made an increasingly large process in all sections of human life such as industry, education, culture and so on. However, even though, human diet has changed dramatically since the ancient years and has become much better and advanced, still contains the basic substances such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Supporters of this food habit argue that consumption of meat is necessary for gaining the vital proteins which human organism needs. They also claim that there are certain and specified species of animals which are appropriate for the domestic consumption.

Moreover, they argue that even though, scientists have managed to create substitutes of the meat protein, it is not equal as the original. Regarding to that point, this proportion of people also support that only traditional proteins which are collected from meat help the human health. However, there is also a proportion of men and women who is oppose to the meat market and meat consumption. The supporters of this view claim that eating animals is a bad and brutal human habit.

Regarding to this, they strongly claim that people according to their local customs and culture eat a different variety of food, for example in Asia eat insects and in Germany eat horses. Based on that argument, many people started a new food diet by abjuring meat. They only eat fruits and vegetables. They also underline that nowadays scientists have successfully succeed to replace meat proteins with substitutes such as soya, which is equal helpful and fulfill the needs of human organism. They also wonder how ethical it is to use animals for human food pleasure.

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Moreover, these proponents also suggest that their organism is much less vulnerable to a variety of diseases which are connected with fats and cholesterol. In conclusion, considering all the facts I support the view that for human organism is definitely vital to have all the necessary substances. Even though, there have been discovered substitutes, still believe that is not equal. Besides the advantages of eating meat are more than the drawbacks. Hopefully, one day we could all leave to an ideal world where meat will not be essential but unfortunately after all is in human nature to dominate upon all the other species on earth.


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