VeganismVeganism say that they do not need animal

VeganismVeganism is a very controversial topic. On one side people say thats humans need meat for protein, it is how they survived in the past, and are meant to eat it. On the other side people say that they do not need animal products to survive anymore and it is actually hurting the planet by continuing to consume these products. Veganism is a lifestyle where nothing has to die and be tortured in order for someone to live. It is the healthiest and most humane lifestyle their is. By not living a vegan lifestyle people are hurting themselves, defense animals and the planet. If the world went vegan it could save the planet. The world today has numerous problems caused by animal agriculture like greenhouse emissions and deforestation. Animal agriculture has a huge impact on the planet. Slaughterhouse and dairy farms requires a lot of resources like food, water, and land to breed as many cows as they do. Industries that sell and distribute animal products are a big source of greenhouse gas emissions. If the world was living on a plant based diet they we would only need one third of the land we use now for factory farming. But by not changing to a vegan lifestyle humans are not only killing the planet but themselves.It is morally inhumane for humans to continuing to eat animal products. Not only do animals get tortured, animal products are not good for humans. Meat is one of the worst things you can eat. It is filled with various chemicals and it is very common to find antibiotics, bacteria, cleaning products and hormones in your meat (Rosenberg). Farmers use antibiotics to make their animals grow faster and bigger causing the animal to be in pain. Very often the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service of FISI find dangerous levels of antibiotics in farm factory animals like penicillin, neomycin and sulfa (Rosenberg). They even find antibiotics like tilimicos which is not for human use. Humans no longer need to consume meat in order to survive. They have the option to live a humane and healthy life by adapting to a vegan lifestyle. The IRAC or The International Agency for Research Cancer has classified process meat and some deli meats as a carcinogen or something that causes cancer (Simon). Eating 50 grams of processed meat a day increases the risk of cancer by 18% (Simon). If a healthy diet includes meat then it is not truly healthy. A vegan diet can lower your blood sugar, heart disease and pain from arthritis (Petre). Dairy products don’t have as many chemicals in it as meat does but it is still extremely  damaging to your body. Dairy cause an increase fractures about 50% (Hyman). If humans were meant to consume dairy products throughout their life then 75% of the world would not be lactose intolerant (Hyman). There is no actually proof that dairy is healthy or is good for your bones, like many dairy industries have claimed, it is unhealthy and is linked to prostate cancer (Hyman). You are only meant to have milk when you are a baby. The sooner the world stops consuming milk products the healthier the world will be and animals would have to suffer like they do.The average person does not want to know where his meat is coming from. They do not want to face the truth that their meat was once alive and in pain from being tortured than finally slaughtered. The life of a slaughterhouse cow is horrible and inhumane. When journalist go to visit a slaughterhouse they are not aloud to see the killing floor (Pollan). If people can not see how they obtain the meat then they should not be eating it. Slaughterhouses over feed their cows and make them obese to the point where it is hard for them to move. Every cow has a date where it will be judged if it is fat enough to be kill for its meat (Pollan). Once it has been judged it will go on a conveyor belt and be stunned making the animal brain dead. After that a chain will be applied to the back of the cows legs and lift it in the air to be slaughter with a knife to bleed out. Then it goes to numerous stations where the workers will remove the cows body parts and meat. Additionally, Slaughterhouses has to make sure the meat isn’t contaminated, or they can’t sell it. which can happen easily because the cows pretty much lives in its own manure. Nothing should be born to be tortured for its whole life then to just be brutally killed so people can eat it. It is not right to treat some animals like a dog or cat like royalty and then let other suffer.When it comes to eating meat-eaters tend to be hypocrites. People in America would never eat a dog or a dolphin but a cow and pig is fine. Cows, pigs, chicken and turkeys are just like dogs or any other animal. They want to be loved and live their life without getting tortured and killed. Society treats criminals going for the death plenty better than they treat animals. The death plenty states that the criminal can’t be tortured when they die or it’s inhumane (“Death Penalty”), but for a cow, pig, or a turkey they do not think twice about locking them up in tiny pens, over feed them until they are morbidly obese so they can make more money off of them and then slaughtering them. It is cruel and unnecessary pain that they have to go through.Vegans are always asked questions like but what is wrong with milk and eggs or are told to just be a vegetarian. Being a vegetarian is a good transition from meat eater to vegan, but just being a vegetarian isn’t enough. Dairy farms cows have it just as bad as a slaughterhouse cow if not worse. In order for a cow to have milk it has to be pregnant just like humans. So dairy farms have to forcibly and artificially impregnate their cows to keep up with the demand for milk. When their baby is finally born it gets shipped off to die, the dream every mother wants for her child.  Vegans also get approached with the argument but chickens lay eggs naturally. Yes chickens do lay eggs naturally, but factory farms are horrible to their animals. They put them into a long windowless shed with cages everywhere, living in such tight quarters cause the chickens to fight. Farmers will take off, by burning or slicing, a piece of the chicken’s beak so when fights break out their is less damage (“Animals on Factory Farms”). Once the chicken stops laying eggs famers let them either die by stop feeding them or sending the chicken off to a slaughterhouse. There is nothing natural about being locked up in a shed with hundreds of other chickens to lay eggs and then the second you stop you die.    There is no lifestyle other than veganism that is humane and healthy for people. Animal products are extremely damaging to the human body they increase your chance of cancer, diabetes and fractures in your bones. There is no humane way to kill anything or obtain its milk. Slaughterhouse torture their animals. They doing anything they can to make them grow bigger, fatter and faster. They do not care that the animal is in pain as long as their making money. No cow or any other living create should have to be forcibly and artificially impregnated, so they can produce milk ,that is not good for people, then just have their child ripped away from them to be sent off to die or suffer the same fate the mother had to go through. No chicken should have be locked up in a cage or be force feed with chemicals so it grows bigger. Humans need to switch to a vegan lifestyle and stop killing the planet, themselves and defenseless animals.