Various seems to be overpowered by Sofia and

Various gender roles have been situated on characters that had led them to become miserable and frustrated. We see Harpo, Mr’s__ eldest son who conveys” feminine characteristics”  such as showing affection for his children and enjoys housework considered to be exclusive for women. On the other hand there’s Sofia, Harpos wife who is strong Willed and is not easily dominated by the “norms” imposed.   Of course his father, Mr sees an issue at the fact that his son seems to be overpowered by Sofia and Celie jealous because of Sofias will , both order Harpo to beat Sofia so she can become a submissive wife, yet Sofia holds her ground she says quote,All my life I had to fight. I had to fight my daddy. I had to fight my brothers. I had to fight my cousins and my uncles. A girl child ain’t safe in a family of men. But I never thought I’d have to fight in my own house. Parallel to the patriachal society in America, the  Olinka Tribe, Nettie resided in  believed that there is no use for young girls to go to school as they believed that a girl is nothing until they become the mother of their husband’s children. Similarily how a  passive wife in the American South  was deemed ideal  Id like to mention that Growing up as a young girl from watching Disney movies to playing Super Mario, one theme that was the most evident was the carried out damsel in distress. Girls were always told to wait for a man to save them from their current situation. It seemed to be that men were the only salvation a woman had of course only if you were desirable enough in his eyes. Similarly boys were told to be macho and deem masculine qualities.  And sadly for a long time I believed these ideas, And I’m pretty sure at least some of you did too. so when Celie realized there is no man that will miraculously save her and the only person who can save her is herself. Celie stood up to her abuser and in rejecting the notion of being withheld by gender roles. She goes to live in her own home and becomes an entrepreneur by selling and sewing pants for all people regardless of age, gender and race. Her entire life, Celie would never wear pants as they’re seen as masculine, but this simple piece of clothing becomes a symbol of liberation from the patriarchal society.  You may be thinking, how is this in any way a feminist novel? Majority of the men you mentioned are constantly depicted as villians. However Alice Walker’s intention was not to display men as innately evil people rather, to reveal men as victims of oppression as well. The fact that Harpo felt pressured to act more masculine and when Mister reconciles with Celie at the end of the novel, he opens up that he enjoyed sewing as a young boy but his father refused to allow him to take part in it. Rather than being angry at her abuser, Celie forgives him, because in actuality she realizes the they aren”t that different . So these two characters who at first seemed so distant, began to form a platonic foundation of trust , She even begins to use his first name, Albert, revealing the comfort Celie now felt with him. and by sewing together they eradicated the roles  and expectations of society.  Id like to say that Social Construct does exist you cannot deny that! Remember the last time you were told you were acting too masculine or feminize and the next time that ever occurs remember that only you should have the capability to decide for yourself what you would like to do, act and wear.  One society may see dresses strictly worn on females and another as a clothing for both genders, such as the Olinka Tribe. In other words, these gender roles mean absaloutley nothing, they should be broken down, we should have the capability to decide freely as to what we would like to do.