Vanessa and Kilroy

In the opening of Vanessa it was bright and cheerful this did not match the subject ‘bullying’ unlike Kilroy’s which matches the subject ‘bullying’. Kilroy matches the subject bullying with the rhetorical question and the newspaper article at the start. In Kilroy he hits the audience in the studio and home with the rhetorical question and the newspaper article to show how serious the topic bullying is, and too draw attention from the audience in the studio and at home. In Vanessa she wears a bright suit with a happy face this highlights that she is not into the subject bullying.

Kilroy wears a grey suit with a serious face this highlights that he is into the topic bullying. I think Kilroy’s mannerism matches the subject bullying perfectly because at the start he walks down the stairs getting closer to the audience and viewers at home, then ask the rhetorical question and he shows the newspaper article about the boy who did suicide to get attention from the viewers at home. Kilroy calls people by their names to be closer to the person from the audience.

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The seating arrangement is good because they are in a roman design (like the seats in a roman stadium), so Kilroy can get to the guest quickly, and the bullies and victims sit together. In Vanessa the seats are not in roman design so Vanessa could not get to the guest quickly. Vanessa discussion on bullying is only a segment of a show, so Vanessa can not go into the subject ‘bullying’ into enough depth. Kilroy is dedicated to the topic ‘bullying’ because if it was a segment then Kilroy will not go into enough depth about the topic bullying.

In Vanessa the first person she interviews is the victim and he tells the audience about his problem, this shows how serious the topic is because he was emotional and this made the audience feel sad and angry. Kilroy interviews the bullies first, the bullies tell the audience about what they did this brought the audience emotion, anger, sadness pain and aggression, because they might be worried that their love ones are surround with bullies like them and they might be bullied.

In Kilroy they have specialists through out the show. In Vanessa she has no specialists and she is personal, by talking about her daughter and herself. In Kilroy there are good camera angle and shots for instants when Kilroy is interviewing someone the camera gets a good angle and camera shot. In Kilroy the whole audience takes part in the topic bullying, this affects the style of the programme because the audience want to express their emotion, because this is a really serious topic.

In Vanessa they only have a few people taking parting the topic bullying. The most successful programme is Kilroy because he is dedicated to the topic bullying and this was a large programme based on bullying not a segment. He brings attention by the rhetorical question and the article at the start. The seating arrangement was good because it was in a roman design not squashed up like the seats in Vanessa. He had good camera shots and angles. He also brings specialist to the studio for the audience to discuss the topic ‘bullying’.