Vancouver to the Greater Vancouver Area.– Offer our


We have built Vancouver Siding on two foundational principles. We aim to:– Provide the best quality workmanship in the siding industry to the Greater Vancouver Area.– Offer our high-quality services at fair and affordable prices, being fully upfront about all charges.

At Vancouver Siding, we know that a house is more than a building–it’s a home, it’s the place that you spend much of your life. Like you, we want your home to be well taken care of. When you work with us, you are putting your home in good hands. It is our pride and joy to help homeowners increase the aesthetic quality and structural soundness of their home. Our highly trained crews are able to help you increase the resale value of your home or transform its appearance. Whatever you are looking for in terms of siding, our team can take care of it. We are committed to giving you the best possible siding experience.

Vancouver Siding is not just a company, it’s a dream team. Our collective includes paneling and home exterior experts from all over the world and all across the industry. We specialize in James Hardie (also known as fiber cement), cedar, vinyl, aluminum, and wooden siding and take great care to offer the highest quality installation across the board. The high-quality craftsmanship of our team is the best in the Vancouver area. We are contracted with a number of different providers and have exceptional access to the highest quality materials.

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Whatever color, texture, and shape you are looking for, we have it on offer. No matter what your goals are, or what kind of shape your building is in, Vancouver Siding is here to offer our expertise and help you achieve the home of your dreams.Key Advantages of Working with Vancouver Siding:– Vancouver Siding has several fully-equipped crews with extensive experience so we are able to get you on our schedule very quickly.– We stay on schedule and on budget with all projects, in the single-family house market,  the multi-family townhomes/condos market, and the commercial market.– We offer expert advice on materials and construction.– We are locally owned and operated.

– We strive to go above and beyond siding industry standards.- Need repairs? We’re here to help.– We are experienced in heritage building restoration and can install siding so exactly that you won’t be able to tell the difference.

– We plan out each job, developing our own blueprints from preexisting blueprints or PDF files.– By your request, we can install siding with green materials — in an eco-friendly manner — and help take care of our planet.– Vancouver Siding can provide you with an estimate after sending a representative to your site or by reading your blueprints. We are happy to e-mail or fax you a quote with no obligation.– Most of our customers find us by word-of-mouth since the quality of our work and the level of customer service is highly praised.Give us a call today! We would love to work with you.Siding in Vancouver is our trade name, the legal name is AZ Siding Inc.Vancouver | Burnaby | Surrey | Richmond | Coquitlam | Langley | Maple RidgeNew Westminster | West Vancouver | North Vancouver | Port Coquitlam | Port MoodyLions Bay | Pitt Meadows | White Rock | Delta | Abbotsford | Chilliwack | TsawwassenHighly-rated James Hardie Siding Contractor in Vancouver offers clients a free evaluation and job quote for Hardie Siding Installation on homes and corporate building exteriors.

FIBER CEMENT SIDING | JAMES HARDIE SIDINGJames Hardie Siding, often referred to by its more generic material name of fiber cement, is a well known and highly praised exterior product. Made from a combination of wood fibers and cement, it holds up well to a wide variety of weather patterns and climates, as well as impacts. James Hardie is the most well-known manufacturer of the product and was the original inventor of the material. Mr. James Harding first brought fiber cement to the housing and construction market in the 1970s. It has been a huge hit ever since, with contractors, homeowners, and development experts alike praising the product. The rampant success was well deserved.

With a highly durable, aesthetically pleasing exterior and an impressively long lifespan, Hardie siding holds clear advantages. It requires very little upkeep and is also able to accurately mimic the appearance of brick, stone, and natural wood.HISTORY AND MANUFACTURING OF FIBER CEMENT SIDINGAs is apparent in the product’s descriptive title, fiber cement siding is a product composed of fibers, specifically wood fibers, and cement. These two materials–one organic and one synthetic–combine the best of both worlds, offering the durability of synthetics with the pleasing appearance of organics. In the production process, the fibers and cement are mixed together with water, adhesive, and sand, and are then rolled out and pressed into long sheets. The sheets are then cut and shaped according to the desired aesthetic and baked to remove excess moisture. When complete, the process yields a durable, tough, and sturdy paneling for home and business exteriors. Most fiber cement manufacturers believe strongly in their product and offer sizeable warranties of twenty-five or more years.

While fiber cement is the broader title for this material, it is best known as James Hardie Siding, sometimes shortened to “Hardie.” After the inventor, James Hardie, brought fiber cement to the market, it wasn’t long before competitors began to appear. Hardie’s company, however, still claims the leading title in the sub-sector of fiber cement siding. Their materials engineers are constantly refining their product and creating new variations and offerings to meet the needs of the market. The company’s current offerings are more workable, lighter, and more aesthetically pleasing than the original product while maintaining its ingenuity and durability.ADVANTAGES OF FIBER CEMENT SIDING (HARDIE SIDING)Fiber cement siding competes with vinyl for the most popular exterior material on the market today.

Offering the advantages of both natural and synthetic products, it is no surprise that the material ranks highly.A few of the many remarkable benefits that fiber cement has to offer include:High-Quality and Adaptable Aesthetic Whatever aesthetic you are looking for, fiber cement can provide it. A highly adaptable material, it can be shaped and colored to look like brick, stone, natural wood, shingles, along with other shapes and materials.High Durability When properly installed, fiber cement materials are essentially impermeable. Thanks to their synthetic component–cement–they are virtually unaffected by wet weather. They also impact resistant.Termite and Rot Resistant Unlike one of its major competitors, natural wood, fiber cement is not susceptible to rot, termites, or other forms of decay.

This is a particularly advantageous feature for wet or shady regions, as rot and pests tend to take over in these areas.Flame Retardant An additional advantage of fiber cement’s synthetic ingredient is that the material offers an extremely high level of fire resistance. This offers all parties involved in construction considerable peace of mind. In some cases, fiber cement can even offer savings on fire insurance policies.We would love to help you with your construction project. Call now to find out how we can make your home more valuable, prettier, and safer through the installation of Hardie siding.Call for a free estimate on your home or building: Or E-mail:Vancouver | Burnaby | Surrey | Richmond | Coquitlam | Langley | Maple RidgeNew Westminster | West Vancouver | North Vancouver | Port Coquitlam | Port MoodyLions Bay | Pitt Meadows | White Rock | Delta | Abbotsford | Chilliwack | Tsawwassen Vinyl Siding Contractors right here in Vancouver are able to provide a free estimate and evaluation for Vinyl Siding Installation on your home or business building.

VINYL SIDING The most well-known and popular exterior siding material in British Columbia, vinyl siding has an excellent reputation. The material offers a pleasing aesthetic appeal and requires very little maintenance. A relatively inexpensive material to produce, the siding panels are offered on the market at a high value per board. Also available in a wide range of colors and shapes, it offers versatile appeal.

As an additional bonus, vinyl is produced with pigment in the material itself, with the coloration going all the way through the board. Thanks to this feature, scratches make little difference in the aesthetic and the boards also do not require painting or scraping, nor do they split or peel. The material is offered in shapes including panels, shakes, and shingles. It can take on the warm, natural appearance of wood, stone, and other organic products while its synthetic nature helps it stand up exceptionally well in inclement weather.

Requiring little maintenance or upfront installation labor, installation costs are also quite low as compared to other options. The products low maintenance, high-value appeal makes it one of the most cost-effective siding products on the market.BENEFITS OF VINYL SIDING Pre-pigmented, no paint requiredEasy to keep clean and maintainOffered in a wide range of shades and colorsOffered in a variety of styles, including fish scales, scallops, lap, and shakesOffered with an insulated foam backing to help reduce energy consumption                       Long lifespanVinyl was introduced as an exterior material in the mid-20th century and marketed as a durable alternative to the aluminum siding that was popular at the time. By the 1970s, the techniques of production had been perfected and the highly reliable product began to take over the market. Around this same time, manufacturers of the product began to produce a wider range of colors and shapes, making vinyl a very popular project.Until recently, vinyl was only offered in a limited range of pastel and neutral and colors. This, however, is no longer the case.

Today, vinyl siding is offered in nearly every color imaginable. If you’re looking for a bright and vibrant color, vinyl may be one of your best options. Whatever stand-out hue you choose, it is sure to last quite some time.Vinyl’s pigment runs all the way through the boards and rarely sees any significant degradation. It is also coated with a protective UV layer, helping it to maintain its color.INSULATED VINYL SIDING Vinyl siding is also offered in an insulated version. This new version of the classic material has made a strong appearance in the building market in recent years.

The material is produced with a second layer of foam that is directly applied to the back of the vinyl boards themselves. This allows the material to offer low-maintenance durability, just like regular vinyl siding, along with the extra, energy-efficient boost of insulation. When putting together, these two products increase your home’s energy efficiency, durability, and appearance all at the same time. Many homeowners report improvements in energy efficiency well over 30%.

Though more expensive at the start, insulated vinyl panels prove to be well worth the initial investment.Call to request a free estimate:Or E-mail:Vancouver | Burnaby | Surrey | Richmond | Coquitlam | Langley | Maple RidgeNew Westminster | West Vancouver | North Vancouver | Port Coquitlam | Port MoodyLions Bay | Pitt Meadows | White Rock | Delta | Abbotsford | Chilliwack | Tsawwassen Cedar Siding Contractors in Vancouver are offering you a free estimate and evaluation of your home or building for brand new Cedar Siding Installation.CEDAR SIDINGCedar wood is a truly remarkable natural resource, offering natural durability and structural integrity that allows it to hold up well in the face of impact, inclement weather, and the general wear and tear of life. The wood also contains organic chemical compounds that enable it to resist rot and pests, making it a long-lasting product.

Cedar’s most well-known feature, it’s crowning glory, is its incredible aesthetic appeal. The straight grain and rich color make a beautiful addition to any home or business building. This product is so appealing that many people choose to install it on the inside of their building as well as the outside. The most common shape for cedar siding to be produced in is that of beveled boards, which generally lend themselves easily to layering. The installation and upkeep of this material are fairly simple and straightforward, though they are not as low maintenance as synthetic siding options such as vinyl and fiber cement. Cedar typically requires a full treatment every five to ten years, depending on the climate that it is subjected to.BENEFITS OF CEDAR SIDINGEnvironmentally FriendlyAs a fully organic product, cedar siding is an eco-conscious construction material.

It is produced with little external energy and, compared to synthetic products, requires far fewer steps and components. Other siding materials, particularly synthetics such as steel, vinyl, and fiber cement, generally require a much greater amount of processing and therefore require greater energy consumption during the factory stage of development. For perspective, it is cited that natural wood makes up approximately 40% of the building materials used in the United States, but only around 4% of all manufacturing energy. This means that the other 60% of combined materials require 96% of production energy used. As an added bonus, lumber processing also produces fewer harmful greenhouse gases as compared to the production of synthetic materials and it is also a renewable resource that can easily be repurposed into something new.NATURAL PRESERVATIVE COMPOUNDSBeyond its natural beauty, cedar paneling also offers homeowners with the advantage of the protective oils it produces.

Cedar oil does away with the need to coat your boards with additional, synthetic preservatives, which are often employed in the manufacturing process of other wooden materials. You have all-natural, non-harmful preservatives in the wood itself, so you can avoid the potential risks of synthetic preservatives altogether.DURABLE MATERIALA naturally strong wood, cedar’s structure helps it defend itself against the usual pests, including rot, termites, and weather damage. The structural integrity of the material is remarkable, letting it remain beautiful in the face of many adverse weather conditions. This mechanism makes it an excellent material for outdoor use.

INCREDIBLE BEAUTY AND AROMAThroughout history, all manner of people has stood in awe of cedar’s natural beauty. It offers a beautiful, golden hue and a distinctive, delicious, pine-like aroma. It lends itself well to a wide variety of projects, often being carved into many different forms of art including statuettes, bowls and cutlery, and furniture. The material is somewhat porous, readily accepting a wide range of finishing coats, including as stain, paint, and oil. If you are looking to have cedar exterior installed on your residential or commercial building, give Vancouver Siding a call. We would love to work with you and help you achieve the beautiful, affordable, low-maintenance siding you desire. Call to request a free estimate: Or E-mail:Vancouver | Burnaby | Surrey | Richmond | Coquitlam | Langley | Maple RidgeNew Westminster | West Vancouver | North Vancouver | Port Coquitlam | Port MoodyLions Bay | Pitt Meadows | White Rock | Delta | Abbotsford | Chilliwack | Tsawwassen Cost of siding in Vancouver area.

Prices starting at $3 per square foot.SIDING COSTHere at Vancouver Siding, our entire crew takes great pride in offering customers the famous, Vancouver Siding Price Match Guarantee. We hold ourselves true to the promise that when you are working with us, you won’t be overpaying. If you happen to find a lower-price offer from a licensed, insured siding company for the same job that we give you a quote for, we will happily match their quote.

In order to help our customers understand the breakdown of the costs involved, we’ve drawn up the following spreadsheet:*Prices listed include labor cost, the expense of siding material, strapping installation, building paper, and waste removal.MaterialPrice per sq ft* James Hardie Color Plus (Fiber Cement)Starts at $9.00Vinyl SidingStarts at $6.

25Premium Vinyl SidingStarts at $7.00Cedar SidingStarts at $11.00StuccoStarts at $10.50Cultured StoneStarts at $22.75One of the first steps that you will want to take when considering a new siding project is to start your search for a highly rated, highly qualified contractor.

The contractor that you hire will determine the quality of your project in every facet, from the customer service to the final result. We know that it can be quite overwhelming to think of interviewing contractors, particularly if you are not highly familiar with construction practices.To assist you in your search, we’ve compiled a list of questions for you to consider asking your interviewees:How long have you been working as a siding contractor?Do you have a current and valid contractor’s license?Does your quote include items beyond installation, such as waste removal and unexpected delays? Are there any hidden fees.Do you have any other major areas of business besides siding?What are some of the exterior materials and brands that you are fully comfortable working with? What are the anticipated start and end dates of this project? Do you typically finish your projects within the projected time frame?Once you have discussed these questions, and whatever other questions you feel are important, with your candidate, you can make your decision about whether or not to move forward with them.

Once you do settle on a particular candidate, the next step is to draw up a contract.You will want to make sure that the text of the contract includes a full list of all of the services that have been agreed upon, as well as the set cost.SIDING MATERIAL COST COMPARISONNew siding is an affordable project for a wide range of budgets and is highly customizable as well. Whatever sum of money you have to spend on your home, you can look forward to new siding using that money. There is a range of both price and quality and you will want to keep this in mind when shopping for materials.Here are a few of the factors you will likely want to  take into consideration:Are there any post-installation efforts that will be required? Examples of this included painting, straining, treating, and sanding. Are there any factory warranties or guarantees included in the price of the product? Might they be purchased for an extra fee?What is the nature of your local weather patterns? How might they affect the material that you are looking into? When you siding installation is complete, what will your home look like? Will you like the way that it looks?SIDING INSTALLATION COSTInstallation costs vary from contractor to contractor.

The price point is, in general, dictated by the amount of experience that the contractor in question has. While this is the major factor, other things also play a role. This includes such things as the brand and quality of the products that you choose, as well as the architectural design, and henceforth that difficulty of installation, that your home offers. Installation costs generally run from six to twelve dollars per square foot, with vinyl being at the low end of the spectrum thanks to its ease of installation. Hardie siding falls somewhere in the middle and cedar is generally more expensive, all according to the level of time and skill required to properly install it. Contact Vancouver Siding today and receive a free quote! We offer the best siding installation services in the greater Vancouver area.

WHY CHOOSE VANCOUVER SIDING: We offer over two decades of siding contracting experienceAll of our contractors are up to date and fully licensedOur company is locally owned and operated right here in B.C.We have several full crews that are able to take on projects of any shape or sizeCall to request a free estimate:Or E-mail:Address:TestimonialsTitle: Impressive jobI am glad that we ultimately decided on Vancouver Siding to do the exterior work for our extensive home remodeling project. The owners and managers were wonderful through and through and I always felt like I was in the loop with what was going on at our property. They took on our big job in the middle of their busy season but managed to stay on track and on budget. Very impressed.Kat C.

Title: Thank you to the Vancouver Siding teamOur house was in pretty sorry shape by the time we finally called up Siding in Vancouver. A friend had recommended their services so I decided to check them out and was immediately impressed with tier excellent customer service and affordable prices. The day after our phone call, someone was out to the property to have a look around and give me a quote, which was even lower than what I had expected. I double checked to make sure they weren’t kidding and signed on right away.

Two months after completion, everything is still perfect. Thanks, Vancouver Siding. Daniel S.Title: Great group of folksAll the fellows who came out to our house to work were wonderful. My wife and I were really impressed with the work that they did as well.

They were friendly and kind and went over all of the different materials and technique with me–I was curious and a bit nosy about it. We were also on a bit of a tight budget so we can’t have been their biggest customer, but we got VIP treatment all the same. I really do recommend this crew. Jana D.Title: Great installation workI used to work as a siding contractor myself, but retired a few years ago due to a back injury and then moved out here to Vancouver. I had heard good things about Vancouver Siding and was pretty hard on the owner during the informational meeting.

I was impressed with their knowledgeability, so I decided to hire them. I kept an eye on them the whole time and they did everything by the book and even taught me a trick or two. It was a great experience overall and our siding looks good.Kelly T.


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