Van Life, a wildly growing movement brings Foster Huntington and many others together in new community.  While telling stories through touching interviews and inspirational pictures you get to feel a little bit of what it is like to live in a home on wheels.  Join others as you get out into nature and live a “debt-free lifestyle”.  The author of “Van Life: Your Home on the Road”, Foster Huntington, starts the book by giving his background as just graduating college and working a 9-5 in New York but wanting to escape life.  Growing up he recalls going on family road trips in small cramped vans and fell in love with the nomadic lifestyle.  While on lunch break from work, Foster remembers dutifully skimming websites like “The Samba” for a Volkswagen  T3 syncro 4×4.  One day he found the one he liked, quit his job, and flew to Reno.  That was just the start, after owning multiple vans and other various homes with wheels Huntington is currently living in a treehouse in Washington working on short films and photography projects.One of the biggest things I learned from the book is that you don’t need a $25000 VW van to have a nomadic lifestyle.  For some people it’s just about being creative and doing what you love.  Probably the most inspirational interview in the book was between Foster and a man named Jay Nelson.  Jay is famous for his wild out of the box conversions, its hard to describe without seeing a picture but imagine a 1992 Honda Civic with a scrap wood D.I.Y. turtle shell on top of it.  Just out of college and with no money Jay set out to build/convert his beater car into a home on wheels.  He shows that it doesn’t take alot of money but it takes determination and hard work.  Since his very first Civic build he has been commissioned by companies such as Patagonia and even Foster himself to construct barbaric yet functional vehicles.   This book is written in a style that i have never seen a book written like before.  It is essentially a complement of interviews that the author help with various vandwellers.


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