Utility is
the state of being useful profitable and beneficial. A utility function can
take on negative values. The utility function is nothing more than a way to
represent a preference relationship.

Below are
some of the negativr utilities of NATO.


 War in libiya.

Libya is
rarely mentioned in the mainstream western media which is not suprising because
the place is a catastrophic shamble.As a result of the United States NATO
operation united protector in 2011. During which the military alliance carried
out an airstrike and several hundred cruise missile attacks in seven months of
war against the Libyan government.

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They did not
lose a single aircraft and the human rights watch states that NATO airstrikes
killed at least seventy five civilians most of them being children under the
age of eighteen. The united states has also carried out a series of precion
drone strikes. This killed some savages of islamic states which has establoahed
bases in the US-NATO war. NATO intervention increased the duration of Libya’s
civil war and its death toll by seven to ten times which produced more
instability in the region.

Cons of NATO
in Europe.

states leverage European resources for its own national intrest through the
NATO. Divide and conquer has been a classic strategy for ocean countries to
control continent countries with NATO. European countries lost many sovereign
power to America. The decision of war has been made by America and refugee
crisis is a European problem.

NATO is also
the bases for wall street to monopoly world finance over European countries
NATO has always been the tool of America to devide Europe continent and to
conquer it one by one.


The intervention
of NATO to launch a humanitarian Intervention in Kosovo contravenes the international
norm of non-inteevention.The concept humanitarian Intervention highly contested
but term itself is given a clear definition by scholars who consider it to be the
threat or use of force across state borders by state.

NATO invention
in Kosovo was just,as it failed to meet basic criteria of moral legitimacy.The first
principle the NATO intervention fails to maintain is the principal of right intention.Human
suffering should be a prominent motivate for intervening.NATO’S motivations were
primarily material and selfish.

The lack of adherence
when NATO has made moral judgement to intervene or not adds to the suspension that
humanitarianism was not the primary motivate for military action in Kosovo.Concern
regarding risks that mixed motives could pose to the methods chosen and the effect
this has on civilians who are supposed to be the primary concern is seen by NATO’s
failure to use proportional means.NATO’s statements declaring their intention to
minimize civilian casualties,the use of a strategic bombing campaign seriously challenges
this.The number of civilian deaths and the mass displacement of both Albanian and
Serb Kosovo’s which occurred as a result of the bombing campaign also make it harder
to label the intervention as just.

Somalia piracy

Somalia pirates
hijacked a ship claiming to be fishermen and released a tanker without receiving
any payment.Some Somali fishermen including ex-pirates have complained of harassment
by illegal foreign trawlers.Officials also claim that more hijackings could occur
if the problem wasn’t tackled The NATO warship was requested to tackle the illegal
fishing but they refused saying it was not their mandate.

The vice president
of Portland told them that if they could not take measures against the illegal fishing
vessels who came under their cover and those who pour wastes into our waters then
their presence is a burden rather than a benefit.




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