How I used resources to research a health care topic

This assignment will present one complex piece of work which will be a leaflet from unit 19, task P3 as an example to demonstrate and explain the use of recourses within own studies. The main recourses that will be discussed in this assignment are text books and internet. With the aim of complete Unit 19, P3 which had to be in the form of a leaflet. I had to explain recent demographic change within home country. As I didn’t know much enough to answer that I had to do a research. I have used a publisher which allowed me to create a leaflet.

This is a programme which is designed to create different types of presentations such a postcards leaflets, and posters. Publisher can be installed into any computer or laptop and be used as recourse to aid study or for commercial usage. The first recourse I used to find out more about the assignment and to get the right information was the Health and Social Care Level 3, Book 2 text book by Beryl Stretch and Mary Whitehouse (2010). This text book includes lots of different units and in order to find the unit I i had to go to the index page.

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The index page has a list of all the units within the book and the page number the unit was on. The index page is very useful to this type of resource because it saves the time from going through the whole book to find the unit i was looking for. The book provided me with basic information about demographic data, it was easy to read and understand because the text was set out clearly with subheadings and paragraphs. The text book is a trusted source of information, because if the book was published, it means that the publisher had to check the contents of the book and whether it is true and based on facts.

The text book also provided me with definitions related to demographic data which I took into my assignment. In order to ensure that the information was copying from the book was copy right I referenced the book at the bottom of my piece of work. While the book had useful background information, my assignment asked me to explain recent demographic data which relates to my home country; the book was written in 2010 and therefore the information in the book has not been updated since then. In order to find newer information about recent demographic changes i used the internet.

This resource provides recent, up-to-date and a wider context of information I needed to use to create information to put into my leaflet. The computer is also useful learning tool for the student at home. Thanks to solve homework faster by having access to online books or journals and other news. Without leaving the house, we can use many encyclopaedias, dictionaries and educational programs, and many other aids. We can easily and quickly obtain full information we need, without a move for hours in libraries. The internet is a search engine, all you need to do is just type in a subject or words related to what are you looking for.

When you press search many articles, websites and blogs will appear and you can choose the one which you think has the best information. However, not always the information are correct, because everyone/most of the people have an access to internet and some of the information might just be made up by a random person without the right knowledge. I mostly use www. wikipedia. co. uk because it usually provides information on many different based on fact things and demographic data was one of them. The website also had graphs which i put into my leaflet to back up my text and make it look more interesting.

All the information I got from the internet and i have used in my leaflet, but to make sure I didn’t plagiarism I added the references. At the end of my leaflet i added in a bibliography which had the links to the website i found my information and any other reference i used in my assignment. Without resources mentioned i would have found it very hard to complete the assignment. The use of resources to aid study is very important as it helps you to learn independently and search for the things you need at a time.