Used as an exhibition of interiors Built in a Functionalist manner which means that the design purpose is based on the main purpose of the building and in this case the villa muller is built originally functionalism is the principle that architects should design a building based on the purpose of that building. the function of a building should be of utmost importance, and that the form should be based around that.characterized by low levels of ornamentation and extraneous decoration, as well as a prominent display of raw materials. Following the idea that function comes first, the building materials used to make a structure are often left uncovered and undecorated. This means that flat concrete slabs, steel sheets, and even wood beams or floors are left exposed, meant to be viewed exactly as they are.

In this case the muller house is a functionalist building because aesthetically it does not contain detail on decoration, it’s rather simplified structure and form. Loos created and used the raumplan method which is based on discrete rooms and dynamic section. Method requires emphasis on scales of specific rooms and requires steps into every room present within the building. This method is done through high level of structural recognition and and awareness of modeling spaces. The plans of Villa muller showcase the idation of clusters of rooms that contain different heights and distinct interior spaces. These distinctive rooms are all interconnected through multiple stair-cases within the building, allowing a strong awareness of the interior of the building.

Although the interior plans of the building are complex and clustered, they seem to have fluidity and movement throughout creating a very dynamic building. The interior is completely different from the simplistic form of the exterior of the building and that’s because the buildings focus is strictly on its functionality.