USA many businesses started to lay off their

USA became rich during WW1, many American could afford many luxury goods which helped to burst up the economy of USA and it was known as “The Roaring Twenties”. However, in 1929, because of the Wall Street Crash which cause the great depression in the State. And it was a significant event to the factory workers, as most of them were struggling with the high inflation rate and the unemployment rate. Most of them can’t afford the high tax rate and they could not support the living, it was totally different from what they had experienced in the early 1920s. Because of this, most of the American were not willing to invest their money in the market and buying goods. Therefore, most of the factory workers held a street demonstration to request the government to help them with this situation. After all, with the policy of Roosevelt appearing, the problems that workers faced was getting solved.Firstly, as the great depression had shut down most of the companies and industries in order to reduce investors’ losses,thousands and thousands of the factory workers became unemployed and it was almost impossible for them to find a new job. Due to the Depression, most of the American could not afford the luxury and they were no longer allowed to buy things on credit, the bank no longer able to give credit to the people; as the demand decreased and the stock market crash, many businesses started to lay off their workers or reduce their wages. With the situation like this, workers could not afford their living because of the high inflation rate; some of the businessmen had to decrease wages to maintain their profit. Therefore, many workers were seeking the help from the government, they even went for the protest to ask for a better payment or job offer. Meanwhile, the government only had little money to spend on the relief because of the national debt (US had lend money to Germany to pay reputation to Britain and France), it raised the ire of the working class. Many people were going through a difficult time in the great depression, for example, businessmen had to cut off their business because of the loss in their stock values, workers got laid off as many factories were shut down, and farmers were also suffering from the drought and lower demand for crops. However, Herbert Hoover who was the President of the United States from 1929 to 1933 during the Great Depression, he believed that the market will self-correct, the great depression just a temporary downturn of the economy. He even increases the import taxes which is used to encourage American to buy the produce that “made in the US”. However, this action further crushed the market as many companies in the US were relied on the international trade, and this act was called “Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act”. In order to help the factory workers, Hoover proposed to cut the taxes in the US, in order to encourage people to spend more money in the market, therefore business would open again and factory workers can work in the factory again; he also urges the businessmen not to lay off workers or to reduce their wages. This did not work because Hoover ignored that people at that time did not have any money to buy things or to invest in the market, some of them even went bankrupt. Yet, he did not realize how serious the great depression was, and he could not really help the workers with their situation.Things got better when Franklin D. Roosevelt became the US president in 1933 and he he proposed a policy called The New Deal which helped to recover the economic crash that brought by the great depression. The purpose of the New Deal was to bring America back to the “Roaring Twenties” and helps to stabilize the economy and provide job opportunities to the workers. The New Deal was based on relief, recovery, and reform. In order to protect workers benefit, Roosevelt introduced the “Make-work programs”, in this program, workers were employed directly from the government and they would pay off by cash to make sure workers got enough money to buy their daily supply, it also helps to reduce the unemployment rate slowly. Because of this, people now had money to buy good which means that they would be more money spent on the market. On the other hand, in the recovery program, instead of giving the employment opportunities to the workers, Roosevelt also distress people through mortgage loans which helps to keep the bank solvent as well. Therefore, people were more willing to invest money in the market with the help from the bank. Lastly, reform was used to make sure the depression will not happen again in the future, it provides the confidence to the investors, workers, farmers to invest in the market. Factory workers were protected by the Civilian Conservation Corps, as it gave millions of young men job opportunities during the Great Depression and get paid with $30 a month to support their life.To conclude, things were totally different from the early 20s to the late 20s, in the great depression, many people were suffering with the economic crisis and with the little help from Hoover, things got even worse. However, with the help from Roosevelt, the economy got better and better, more and more people were willing to invest their money in the market.