Uprising Writing AssignmentChoice 1Jane had many different traits all throughout the book. At the beginning of the book Jane loved her dad. Her dad was very wealthy and she did not put much thought into her wealth. Jane did not really have a mind of her own. She did not really think twice about anything and blended into society. She was also kind, but she was very kind throughout the whole book. Jane also was not hardworking. However, this was not her fault because she was born into wealth and did not really have to work or do anything for herself. Although Jane was like this for a little while, it did not last very long. Jane started seeing the other side of things like women talking about suffrage and seeing girls striking. These events started impacting her positively. She started becoming one of her own. Jane was not siding with anyone but started questioning her life. She became interested in suffrage. Jane became more independent and learned how to rely on herself. An example of this is when Jane stood up for herself against Miss Millhouse. “Miss Milhouse!….You will leave my room this instant. You will pack up your things and leave this house as soon as you can.”(Haddix 161) This seemed to be the breaking point for Jane. After this she became persistent to help Bella, Yetta and all the strikers. She became caring for the strikers and passionate for the strike. Jane started rebelling against society, her dad, and Miss Millhouse. She was so passionate that she moved out of her house and never went back. Jane truly became one of her own and never let anyone dissuade her opinions or interests.Choice 2 A possible theme of Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix is friendship. A statement that represents the power of love is that no matter what you are going through or have gone through, the people that care the most about you and love you will help you through any situation. The author developed the theme of love a little in the beginning of the book, but the theme occurred more in the rest of the book. Jane, Bella, Yetta, Rahel, and Mr.Corrigan all helped each other in one way or another throughout the book because they loved eachother. An example of this is when Mr Corrigan accidently hit Bella with his car. “‘You ran into her!” Jane said fiercely. “She’s in pain and in mourning and we can help!”‘(Haddix, 139) The power of love was shown here because even though they were not very close, Jane helped Bella and this ended up developing their relationship. Another example of the power of love was when Yetta was longing of something different after the strike than just sitting at a sewing machine all day and Bella gave Yetta a hug just to show that everything will be alright. “Bella gave her friend a hug, as if she could sense Yetta’s distress.”(Haddix 245) This showed the true support that Bella had for Yetta because she loved Yetta like a sister. The power of love is very strong, even if it is between friends. The power of love was even shown several times while the Triangle Shirtwaist factory was on fire. One example was when Yetta knew that the fire would spread upstairs so she went upstairs to warn everyone about the fire, including Bella. She wanted to warn everyone about the fire because she cared and loved everyone, even if she did not have a personal connection with them. Another example shown when the Triangle Shirtwaist factory was on fire was when Yetta went upstairs to warn everyone about the fire and Jacob followed her. Jacob did not even know Yetta very well but he knew that he wanted to spend the last moments of his life with Yetta and died with Yetta because he did not want her to die alone. The author developed the theme of love even more towards the end of the book up until the last few pages.


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