Unjust War

War is a very sensitive subject that most people have very opinionated and specific ideas about. Some believe that war can be a justifiable operation and others recognize it as an unjust act that harms human life. No matter what side you look at both opinions can generally agree that resorting to war risks human life and creates hostility that could easily be prevented. Even though those that promote war apprehend that it as protection, in actuality it causes more harm than good by the loss of lives during battle.

War is the greatest evil that humankind has ever invented and it involves unjustifiable actions that kill people, destroys property and ravages the environment. Many countries participate in warfare for many specific reasons, but ultimately the injustice outweighs the benefit of participating in war. No matter the cause of warfare, it still results in lives being lost and destruction across all levels of society. In warfare soldiers massacre people who have done them and their country absolutely no outrage, and they are killed in turn by soldiers on the conflicting side of combat.

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Furthermore, noncombatants, including innocent children, men and women die in war even if every precaution is attempted to avoid massacring the innocent. No matter how careful soldiers fight, mistakes are made and uninvolved people die. Even after bullets stop being shot and bombs stop being dropped, the effects of war can still remain present. Noncombatants can die from ravaged infrastructure and being forced to live in the inhospitable living conditions.

Living in conditions without running water electricity, and fresh food can raise serious concerns, and as a result lives are lost from civilians having to live in cities with destroyed infrastructure. War is an extremely devastating and agonizing act and can easily be classified as an unjust operation. Warfare is an exceptionally detrimental operation that should only be waged as a last resort. Before even considering going to war, countries should resort to negotiations to attempt to resolve the issue. If negotiations are possible this would result in soldiers and innocent civilians lives could be spared.

In addition, by being able to avoid war, property and the environment would refrain from being destroyed. Warfare permanently scars the environment and the face of the earth by either physical damage or by radiation from bombs, and by negotiating to come to a solution, all this destruction can ultimately be avoided. Going to war is a very destructive option and therefore should be completely bypassed if possible. In conclusion, war brings about many unjustifiable aspects that are inevitable to avoid while in combat. The killing of innocent children, men, and women outweigh any reason perceived why countries should go to war.

Furthermore, destruction of property and the environment are unfortunate consequences that derive from warfare. The cost of saving lives, property and the environment eminently surpass any reason for countries to go into combat. In addition, wars should only be fought as a last resort option when all other negotiations fail. Negotiations are the best resort to participation in battle because no lives are lost and no destruction results from the acts. War is easily one of the most devastating and unjust acts performed by humanity.