universes and they are different types of stars

universes that people can see beyond time and see different planets where most people can’t go on the planets so we could study and learn more about the planets The major role that they showed in the video and in the galaxy is that they showed the role of how the galaxies and the energy cannot be destroyed in space. And they talk about the different galaxies that are in the universe and the stars and the planet is shaped when the big bang took place i agree because they talk about the planets and the stars and how everything was created in the universe and how is everything is shaped and formed and they are different types of stars because there all different shapes and the planets are different because most of the planets people can’t live there because its cold or hot and humans people and animals can’t live there and be able to survive up there in space and in any other different planet. And the solar system is different because there are big and small planets. And our solar system.vAnd our galaxies are different because of many shapes and stars and different sizes of the planets that we see and the stars that we see in the sky and it talks about how people would live up in the solar system and most people would not live up there because there are different planets that people can survive on and the different universes that most humans can see from outer space. Most astronauts could see the different places and the universes up in space and they would see different planets that people could not see before they would travel the galaxy and the whole universe to see the solar system and all planets and different planets and see how different the planets could be from our universe and people could study different universes where space and time is similar to our galaxy and people and the famous author learned about the galaxy and the time where all of it is different we could know about the different