Sometimes things happen when we least expect it, and this changes our lives forever. We think that we have everything planned and that we know the direction we are going to. Then, there comes a point when something unexpected happens and we cannot help but to deal with it and accept these changes. One of the many instances that can greatly change our lives is when we meet the person who we think is right for us. Everyday is a chance to meet new people. There are a lot of places to socialize but it seems that people pay much more attention to their coworkers than those they meet in bars or parties.

They believe that they will have more common interests with people at work than with strangers that they would meet outside. Still, there are those lucky persons who experience one fleeting moment where they meet a person and realize that this is the person that they are meant to be with for the rest of their lives with just one look and not having to say any words at all. Meeting the right person can truly change how an individual look at things, especially with the way they look at life and love. The right person can influence you to become better and to always see things in their positive forms.

Another event that can change people’s lives is childbirth. There is just something that changes couples whenever a baby comes into their lives. No matter how much difficulties they are going through as a couple, when a baby comes in their way, everything changes and the parents will do anything and everything just to make the world a better place for the child. However, not everyone will experience the joy of childbirth. There are those who wants to have children so much but they discover that they are not able to do so.

This event changes the relationships of couples, and even puts a strain on some of them. For the others, it will become a challenge to their relationship that can make them both stronger as individuals and as partners in life. Having children makes parents more responsible because they are not living for themselves only but also for their kids. It makes them more mature and protective of their family because they only want what is best for them. Lastly, a major event that can change people’s lives forever is a death or illness of a loved one.

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It is very hard to lose a person you love, and it is much more difficult to see them suffering. It is also hard to lose someone so unexpectedly like in a car accident. Not only do you have to deal with the loss, but you also have to deal with the issues that come with it including financial and family concerns. Goodbyes are never said, which causes emotional stress for most people. They dwell on their losses and mourn their loved ones greatly. They feel that without that person, they are less secured or less loved. It changes the way the see the world.

Some people think that the world is cruel because it has taken away a loved one, while some forget and live life like it was before. Different people deal with changes differently. Some see them as a positive thing, while believe that they are being punished. Still, it can be proven that the littlest of changes that happens in our lives can greatly affect how we will see the world and the people around us. Whether we see this event as a positive or negative thing, it is always essential to remember that we can learn something out of every event that comes in our lives.


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