Understanding People Abstract This paper explores how another individual can understand people in three different categories of; human behavior, influencing people, and the diversity challenge. Before you can understand people, you have to understand some of the influences that affect their behavior, persuade their behavior, and/or have generalized knowledge of human behavior. Part of understanding people and can come from understanding diversity, and how to deal with diversity.

In, addition when understanding people, a person would need to know what is needed to meet another ones needs, such as their “Hierarchy of needs. ” Understanding People Understanding people such as how the act, behave, or react can be a challenge, and it is important to know the parts that drive human behavior. To be able to manage, lead or deal with people a general understanding of human behavior, such as psychology and sociology is needed. In addition you would have to know how to influence people, or persuade them to achieve common objectives.

Finally, when dealing with people, there needs to be a knowledge, understanding, and respect for diversity. Human behavior is a behavior shown by any one person and is the result of some form of influence, such as culture, attitude, emotions, values, ethics, persuasion, and/or genetics. Typically behavior is evaluated on what is normal for the group or the “social norm”, and is rated by other individuals based upon what they believe is normal for the group.

Many things can affect human behavior, from a requested behavior in exchange for a reward, or a behavior based on what is expected of them to receive a pay check at work. Influencing people, directly affects their behavior. It has been said that, “everybody has a price,” which basically means that for the right amount of monetary compensation a person would do whatever you wanted them to do, money being the influencing factor. Some managers or leaders are able to influence people by their tone in their voice, no different than a parent alking in a stern tone to their child to get them to listen. The art of persuasion is finding a driving force whether it be fear, money, self gratification, sense of achievement, or simple appraisal that would drive a person to do something in which you desire them to do. Diversity for some people could play a challenging role based on their own personal beliefs. Diversity can range for ethnicity, political views, finical stability, religious beliefs, sexual preference, and any other belief that could be outside the norm of a particular group.

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When dealing with diversity in the work place, it is important to remain professional and respectful to others, you don’t have to agree with their belief you should just respect it, the way you would want your own beliefs or opinions to be. Human behavior, diversity of humans, and factors that influence people can range from one individual to the next or one social group to the next, but it is important to understand what drives people, understand the norm, and have respect for diversity.

Understanding people is not as easy as black and white, it is something that has been studied for many centuries, and there are many theories to human behavior from Freud to Einstein to Maslow, and is still evolving today. Reference List Human behavior (n. d. ) In Wikipedia online. Retrieved from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Human_behavior Maslow (n. d. ) In Wikipedia online. Retrieved from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Maslow’s_hierarchy_of_needs


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